What am I Doing?

When I was a teenager, I was awkward. Really awkward. Painfully awkward. I had a hard time talking to people and making friends. I was shy. I was insecure. Being home schooled was not helpful for me in this department. (My taste in clothes at the time probably wasn't helpful either.) But then I became … Continue reading What am I Doing?

Curating Empty Museums

My best friend and I are fond of "curating." It started when she was decorating her room and wanted to arrange her framed photos like those artsy gallery walls you see on Pinterest. It felt as if the description of every pin we found had some derivative of the word "curate" in it. So "curated" … Continue reading Curating Empty Museums

Learning to Paddle

  I often feel like I'm playing against myself at life, trying to beat myself and emerge the winner. I've always had these grand aspirations of being a good writer. I've always taken it for granted that I'll be able to do it. When I used to tell people I was going to college for … Continue reading Learning to Paddle

A Confession of Feelings

I've spent most of the past few months being really angry. It started with some family crap, and finished with some church crap, and neither crap really needs to be explored here. All the crap is more or less being resolved. God has a way of making crap beautiful. Kudos to Him; it's hard work … Continue reading A Confession of Feelings

On Children’s Tales

I have a reading list. All writers ought to, I'm told. And for a while, this was a stressful thing. My reading list was a thing to conquer. I still had yet to tackle classics that my peers had been hotly debating since middle school. My giant to-do list yawned before me, standing between me and … Continue reading On Children’s Tales


   There are worlds  We know nothing about,  and we pass them and step on them and make grand judgements. But until we shrink ourselves and stretch ourselves into those worlds, we will never realize  how real they are.  They will only ever be imaginary lands we argue about.  And we will only ever be … Continue reading Ridiculous 

Springtime Travel

Time seems thinner in the spring. I mean, each year is a layer and usually the layers are too thick, too heavy to push aside and revisit. But in the springtime -- in the euphoria of sunshine every past soul has seen, of a fresh breeze every past soul has smelt, of tender sprouts every … Continue reading Springtime Travel