Weekly Roundup and Reflection: Finality

It’s Sunday! Which means that a week from today I will be home!

This coming week is finals week, and despite norms I am not really that stressed. There is really not much for me to do besides curb my procrastination and put the last bit of effort in to finish.

There is also a personal/spiritual journey I’ve been going through this past week, and hopefully I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts from that on Thursday.

For now, here is a roundup of this week’s posts! On Tuesday I shared a poemlet called “Texture” and on Thursday there was a sweet little short story entitled “The Life and Times of a Sewing Machine”. Check them out if you didn’t get a chance, or read them again if you enjoyed them!

Have a great week folks!

Weekly Reflection and Roundup: Thanks

Well, it’s Sunday again, and less than five days until Thanksgiving. It’s hard to believe that last year I was living in Nashville, working at the mall in town, living with my cousins. Now I am back in my home state, in school, and going home for the holiday. It’s crazy that a year has gone by already, and that in a year everything is so different! But I am thankful, too. I’m  thankful for the chance to be stretched and grown and challenged and blessed. No matter what my circumstances are in life, I can say that life is good. I am able to say along with Paul that “I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content” (Philippians 4:11).

I forget to be content sometimes. I forget all the blessings I have and all to easily remember the hardships. But have you ever just listed the things you are thankful for? When I do that, my mind explodes. There is so much. Family. Job. School. Clothes. Food (or, a meal plan, in my case). Even little things: toothbrushes. Beds. Pillows. Socks. Can you imagine how cold we would always be without socks?

So that was a bit of rambling, but I hope it was helpful. This week of all weeks is the best time to really focus on blessing and not deficiency. It’s a hard thing to do, especially when Black Friday knocks at your door in the middle of your Thanksgiving Dinner-induced coma and asks if you’d like to go shopping. Gah.

Well anyway, here’s a roundup of my posts this week. On Tuesday I celebrated the poemlet with “Layers” and philosophized on our culture’s obsession with happiness. Check them out if you didn’t get a chance, and as always, have a lovely Sunday!

Weekly Reflection and Roundup: November!?

Wow! It’s November already! Technically, it was last weekend too, but it didn’t really hit me until this past week. Most of the leaves have fallen off the trees, and we had some kind of precipitation that looked suspiciously snowy a couple of times. One morning I woke to see that a big ginkgo tree on campus had suddenly dropped all of its canary-yellow, fan-shaped leaves into one huge sunny pile. It was gorgeous, but also bittersweet. We are now entering the not-so-fun part of Fall, when everything is wet, dark, and bland and you are forced to hope for snow just for something interesting.

I also had to laugh, because of course now that we are waiting for Thanksgiving to arrive, naturally all you hear about is Christmas! It brought to mind one of my favorite memes:

I just have to shake my head. I banish all thought of Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Everything in it’s proper place ;)

Anyway, here’s a roundup of posts you may have missed this week. Check ’em out if you haven’t already (or check ’em out twice! I won’t complain :o).

Apple Peel is a short story I shared on Tuesday. It revolves around an elegant small-town cafe, an elderly lady who loves her tea, and a skinny barista who befuddles her reality. Square Pegs is a poetic commentary on the way we as a society view those with disabilities (specifically autism), and finally, I share my recent knitting adventures in Crafterday: Knitted Headwraps!

Thanks to you all for reading today and throughout the week. I have some goodies cooked up for next week, so stay posted! In the meantime, What do you think of Christmas taking over poor Thanksgiving? Is Christmas superior? Does Thanksgiving need to suck it up? Is it survival of the fittest? Let me know in the comments below. It is a battle for the ages. ;)

Much love,


Weekly Reflection and Roundup: Patience

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s been a long while since I’ve written a Weekly Reflection! It’s been a long and stressful week, and I am so glad it’s the weekend!

One thing I’ve been trying to learn this week is patience. My college career will take longer than I originally hoped, and for a few days I was really depressed about it. There’s something really disheartening about thinking you are further along in something than you are, and finding that you still have a long way to go. There are many parts of my life where it’s easy to wish that time would speed up.

But I am learning that sometimes, just because things don’t happen right away doesn’t mean that they’ll never happen. God is not always saying “no” to me and the things I would like to do with my life. Usually, I think He is just saying “wait”. And that’s hard, because I really really hate waiting, like more than I thought I did. But through all this waiting, I know that He is preparing me and the people around me for what comes next. With His grace, I am doing my best to be patient.


In case you missed it, here also is a roundup of the posts I made this week. Be sure to check out the Purple Bluebird I knitted, and the link to make your own!

I also have two new poems up this week. I returned to my favorite topic, nature, in Allegheny Autumn and went a little brooding and melancholy with Black Hole.

Enjoy your weekend folks! See you next week!


Weekly Reflection: Opportunities


This week was very busy. And it was the strange kind of busy where you have a lot of little breaks before you have to gather up your things and hurry on.

There was a lot of stress from schoolwork. There was also a lot of stress about this coming Wednesday, when I will be presenting some of my poems in public for the first time. I’m a bit terrified. I’m excited of course, but there’s this nagging bit of fear that I’m not good enough.

There was also stress from plans with a good friend that I had to postpone. Certain circumstances made it an understandable thing, but for some reason I was so upset. Everyone always seems so busy, that cramming in a little sliver of time to enjoy the company of one’s friends sometime seems too much to ask of a schedule. It’s no one’s fault but it still stinks, you know?

I guess if I could learn something from this it would be that everything in life, every moment, is an opportunity. Even when those opportunities crash and burn (like my plans), they create a new set of opportunities, a new set of choices on how to deal with where you are in life. No matter what happens to us we have the opportunity to act with dignity and love and to glorify God however we can. We can really mess that up (I did!), but we never run out of opportunities. And for that I am thankful.

For the weekend I am also thankful. Yesterday was a long blank day of nothing to do. I was cold and rainy and yucky but still kind of weirdly peaceful. And I am so thankful that weekends aren’t only one day! Praise the Lord for Sundays :o)

Have a great week everyone! Make the most of every opportunity this week!


Weekly Reflection: Traditions

Hello friends,

Every Sunday I’d like to do a little “weekly reflection”, a sort of journal post. It’s nice to take a day before the next week’s craziness begins to reflect and give our minds a rest.


The fourth commandment says to “remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy” (Exodus 20:8). Some people take that very seriously, and are quite strict with their Sabbath days. And that’s okay. But for my family growing up, Sunday was a day to recharge from the pell-mell activity of the week. We weren’t super strict, but we had our little Sunday traditions that made the day relaxing and special. And even though I’m an adult who doesn’t live at home right now, Sunday still means those little traditions.

Every Sunday morning we went to church, unless occasional illness or total exhaustion or travel kept us away. This gave us an opportunity to quiet our hearts and worship the Lord. This was a huge priority in our family’s life, and still is. This helped us to keep the day holy.

After church we usually had a big lunch, our main meal for the day. Mom would cook something special: sauerkraut and kielbasa, beef roast and potatoes, or her famous lasagna. After lunch we’d have a nap time and sleep for most of the afternoon. It was lovely :o) Then finally, we’d have “Family Night”, when Dad would make an enormous bowl of popcorn and we’d watch a movie.

Obviously, this routine changed from time to time, but overall that was our Sunday tradition. It’s funny how you grow up with a certain routine, and it never occurs to you that other people don’t do things the same way. I’d have friends over sometimes on Sundays, and as the evening wore on they’d ask, “When’s dinner, by the way?” and I’d think it was so weird that they actually ate dinner instead of just popcorn on Sunday nights. Seriously, who eats Sunday dinner at dinnertime? :o)

Long story short, my family’s traditions really instilled in me that Sunday isn’t like any other day of the week, or at least it shouldn’t be. We need to give ourselves just one day of not running around, working, or being busy. We need just one day of rest and reflection and devotion to the Lord.

However, we should not be a slave to the Sabbath either. Jesus Himself said that “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath” (Mark 2:27). While we should be purposed to attending church weekly, “not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some” (Hebrews 10:25), even good Christian church activities can become a ball and chain, a way to be even more busy on Sundays. I really respect how my parents achieved that balance when I was growing up. We were active in church, but there were times that Mom and Dad made the decision to not attend certain functions or activities so that we could keep our unity and integrity as a family secure, so that we could be together to rest on the Day of Rest. This is a mindset I have even now and it is a mindset I want to have with my own family.

This past week was nuts. I’ve realized that I need to work on being kind to myself about halfway through the week, because by then I am so burnt out. I get to bed so late and wake up exhausted. This past Tuesday night I had a little meltdown. Tuesdays are my busiest days, and my head is perpetually spinning as I try to keep the proverbial plates spinning. As an introvert my first reaction is to shut down and go off somewhere solitary. The only problem is that I live at a college, where there are people everywhere. And when you’re tired and burnt out, being around people is not the best idea. Whenever I find myself thinking “He’s stupid, she’s stupid, they’re stupid”, it’s a sure sign I need to go lock myself in a closet and not come out til I’ve had a good cup of tea and a nap.

Obviously that is not a correct reaction. It’s something I need to work on. With God’s grace I can live at peace with others, even when my head is spinning and I hate everyone. (Heck, with God’s grace I can avoid the head-spinning and people-hating altogether! :o) So I relish the Sabbath day, and weekends in general. It’s a time to take a step back and decompress. It makes it a whole lot easier to go into another busy week.

So in summary, have a great Sunday. Rest. Reflect. Worship. Don’t overextend yourself or let others dictate how you remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. Meet with other believers, yes. Don’t forsake the assembly. Give yourself time to be with the Lord, because that is the most precious and lasting thing you take away from the Sabbath. Draw your loved ones close to you and have one heck of a peaceful day. And have a splendid week to come. :o)

Much love,


(Photography by Hannah Allman. Bible references from the English Standard Version.)