Crafterday: Crocheted Coasters

Happy weekend! I’m so excited!! :o) This week has seemed to stretch into an overly long cacophony of busyness! So now I am going to sleep in, do lunch with a friend, and catch up on some reading.

Today I wanted to share my latest project. Surprisingly enough, it is not a knit (gasp!), but a crocheted creation. Crocheting is actually my first yarn-craft. My grandma taught it to me when I was very small, but somewhere along the line I took an affinity for knitting a little bit more. Every now and then, though, it’s fun to once again explore the simplicity and beauty of crochet.


Oh, and by the way, for those of you who do not do these things, might I have a word? Let me give you a quick tutorial on how to tell knitting and crochet apart, so that when you are in the unfortunate situation of complementing someone’s yarnery, you will not inadvertently insult them. :o) Here it is, real quick:

Is the crafter using a hook? It’s crochet.


Is he or she using two pointy sticks (needles)? It’s knitting.


I am so good at tutorials, aren’t I? Don’t you feel smart? I need to do this for a living. ;)

Anyway, I digress. I made these cute coasters this week with 100% cotton yarn in a beautiful burgundy color. It was my first time working with cotton yarn, and I must say I love it! It’s soft and yet so sturdy, and perfect for keeping moisture off your favorite mahogany coffee table (or other woods. Whatever).

DSC_0628 DSC_0623-001

And guess what else is cool? I am selling them as sets of four in my Etsy shop! Head on over and check them out!

Have a happy Saturday. Stay frosty my friends!

Crafterday: Mini Knitted Christmas Trees

Hello folks! Finals are done and now I can turn my attention to Christmas, Crafting, and Creating new blog posts! :o)

Today’s lovely little craft came to me courtesy of The Twisted Yarn. This delightful blog has been a constant source of whimsical inspiration for me! So, when I saw her post on Knitted Christmas Trees, I just knew I had to give it a whirl!


My opportunity came yesterday when I surveyed some light leafy green yarn I had and thought “hm, this would make an interesting Christmas tree!” I didn’t have much left, so I made them small (only 3 inches long) and ended up cranking out six in a day!

Each tree took about half an hour for me. It’s so easy! You simply knit a square, roll into a cone shape, add some stuffing, and sew it up! I added little red ornaments by tying loose knots in some red yarn and threading it through the tree. I love the end result!



Interested in making your own? The possibilities are endless and they make wonderful gifts and decorations. Head over to The Twisted Yarn!

Happy weekend! :o)

Weekly Reflection and Roundup: November!?

Wow! It’s November already! Technically, it was last weekend too, but it didn’t really hit me until this past week. Most of the leaves have fallen off the trees, and we had some kind of precipitation that looked suspiciously snowy a couple of times. One morning I woke to see that a big ginkgo tree on campus had suddenly dropped all of its canary-yellow, fan-shaped leaves into one huge sunny pile. It was gorgeous, but also bittersweet. We are now entering the not-so-fun part of Fall, when everything is wet, dark, and bland and you are forced to hope for snow just for something interesting.

I also had to laugh, because of course now that we are waiting for Thanksgiving to arrive, naturally all you hear about is Christmas! It brought to mind one of my favorite memes:

I just have to shake my head. I banish all thought of Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Everything in it’s proper place ;)

Anyway, here’s a roundup of posts you may have missed this week. Check ’em out if you haven’t already (or check ’em out twice! I won’t complain :o).

Apple Peel is a short story I shared on Tuesday. It revolves around an elegant small-town cafe, an elderly lady who loves her tea, and a skinny barista who befuddles her reality. Square Pegs is a poetic commentary on the way we as a society view those with disabilities (specifically autism), and finally, I share my recent knitting adventures in Crafterday: Knitted Headwraps!

Thanks to you all for reading today and throughout the week. I have some goodies cooked up for next week, so stay posted! In the meantime, What do you think of Christmas taking over poor Thanksgiving? Is Christmas superior? Does Thanksgiving need to suck it up? Is it survival of the fittest? Let me know in the comments below. It is a battle for the ages. ;)

Much love,


Crafterday: Knitted Headwraps

Happy Saturday folks! I realized just now that my Crafterday posts feature a bunch of knitting, and I know that that might get dull. But never fear; I have some non-knitted crafts in the works! With that being said, today I want to share something knitted :o)


I found this headwrap pattern on Pinterest, and I love how easy it is. If you can do the knit stitch, you can make this headwrap. It’s the perfect project for my busy school days because it’s simple, quick, and lovely; I made two of these this week! They make great gifts and accessories because they are so warm and stylish!



There you have it! I definitely recommend checking out the link above. You just might find this to be your next favorite project!


Weekly Reflection and Roundup: Patience

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s been a long while since I’ve written a Weekly Reflection! It’s been a long and stressful week, and I am so glad it’s the weekend!

One thing I’ve been trying to learn this week is patience. My college career will take longer than I originally hoped, and for a few days I was really depressed about it. There’s something really disheartening about thinking you are further along in something than you are, and finding that you still have a long way to go. There are many parts of my life where it’s easy to wish that time would speed up.

But I am learning that sometimes, just because things don’t happen right away doesn’t mean that they’ll never happen. God is not always saying “no” to me and the things I would like to do with my life. Usually, I think He is just saying “wait”. And that’s hard, because I really really hate waiting, like more than I thought I did. But through all this waiting, I know that He is preparing me and the people around me for what comes next. With His grace, I am doing my best to be patient.


In case you missed it, here also is a roundup of the posts I made this week. Be sure to check out the Purple Bluebird I knitted, and the link to make your own!

I also have two new poems up this week. I returned to my favorite topic, nature, in Allegheny Autumn and went a little brooding and melancholy with Black Hole.

Enjoy your weekend folks! See you next week!


Black Hole

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry that I didn’t post over the weekend; the week was exhausting, days just slipped by and I needed a bit of a break by the time Saturday rolled around! But I hope you all had a relaxing weekend!

Today I wanted to share a rather unusual poem that came from another misunderstood class assignment (it happens to me a lot apparently) in which we were supposed to describe a black hole in metaphors. So naturally, I went and wrote a poem instead. It’s a little raw, but you know, all writing is a work in progress, so here is


Black Hole


A black hole

is not so much something

as it is



It is a void

collapsing on itself

like a heart

full of fear.


It is gnawing

like an empty stomach

just before



It is black

(as its name does suggest);

an eye socket,

a snake’s nest.


It is empty,

yet filled to the brim with life

once lived,

with memories.


It is a window

with the glass knocked out, a

volcano, emptied

of magma.


It is the death

of birth, and the birth of death.

Such is that,

a black hole.


Hi everyone!

Fall break has started and I am ready for a long weekend! I will probably not post over the weekend as I usually do; weekends home are not nearly as boring as weekends at school, so I will have less time to post ;o) But here is a poem to tide you over until Tuesday. It’s more of  “whiney” poem, I suppose, than the others I’ve put on here. It came from some frustration I had yesterday about college, about the current education system that I consider to be flawed in many ways, flawed with good and bad intentions.

I do want to be clear that, while I may complain about college in the poem, I do not mean to reflect upon my particular school or the wonderful people who run it. I see the source of my frustrations as the education system itself, a broken and nonsensical game that we all play because we must. So with that in mind, here is

an impromptu poem, written in a fit of frustration and sleep-deprivation, and thus true college student poetry.




I am writing this on Friday night,

very late, and I am very very


Books lay at my feet,

books several inches thick,

which I will attempt to sell when I am through with them.

I was talking with someone today at college about college,

about how ridiculously expensive it is,

about how we are forced to learn what we are not studying,

for a well-rounded education

that we don’t desire,

because we have passions

that we have come to pursue.

I learned this week that I need two language classes

to satisfy the state.

They only offer Spanish but my heart was set on Russian.

I also need two gym classes

because, although I am an adult,

I do not know how to go to the gym by myself

(the three times a week I lift weights and kick-box don’t count).

My well-rounded education costs a five-figure sum,

which I can’t afford,

and which I will be paying for until my children are my age.

I am frustrated, to say the least.

But I am also conflicted,

because I do love to learn,

I love waking up and hearing bells toll

in the sandstone steeple where birds sleep.

I love sitting at a desk, jotting down notes,

while my world is expanded and my reality stretches.

I love being challenged and awed and inspired.

But there comes a tap on my shoulder;

the reality that stretched for me snaps back like a rubber band.

I must spend half my time on things I did not come here for,

I must ask the government to give me money,

I must learn my language and take my gym class.

I must do as I am told like a good little girl.

Because I must have a well-rounded education,

and I didn’t go to school twelve years before this at all,

so I have never learned math or science before.

My eyes have been opened!

How foolish of me to think

that my love of books is not well-rounded!

I must not only study literature,

because Geometry is enormously helpful when you are writing a book.

I must not only study poetry,

because Aerobics class is great for the metaphors.

I must not only learn to be a writer,

because when that fails (as they seem to assume it will),

my well-rounded education will keep me afloat.

They pat me on the head and give me a scroll,

a tassel on my hat and off I go,

head crammed with things I don’t remember,

with a price tag attached.

Now I mean something!

Now I am well-rounded.

It is not their fault, I know.

They do as they are told, like good little children.

So I do not mean to be rude,

because I am very grateful.

The opportunity I have

is a blessing.

But I am sick of playing games,

and I am very very


Weekly Reflection: Opportunities


This week was very busy. And it was the strange kind of busy where you have a lot of little breaks before you have to gather up your things and hurry on.

There was a lot of stress from schoolwork. There was also a lot of stress about this coming Wednesday, when I will be presenting some of my poems in public for the first time. I’m a bit terrified. I’m excited of course, but there’s this nagging bit of fear that I’m not good enough.

There was also stress from plans with a good friend that I had to postpone. Certain circumstances made it an understandable thing, but for some reason I was so upset. Everyone always seems so busy, that cramming in a little sliver of time to enjoy the company of one’s friends sometime seems too much to ask of a schedule. It’s no one’s fault but it still stinks, you know?

I guess if I could learn something from this it would be that everything in life, every moment, is an opportunity. Even when those opportunities crash and burn (like my plans), they create a new set of opportunities, a new set of choices on how to deal with where you are in life. No matter what happens to us we have the opportunity to act with dignity and love and to glorify God however we can. We can really mess that up (I did!), but we never run out of opportunities. And for that I am thankful.

For the weekend I am also thankful. Yesterday was a long blank day of nothing to do. I was cold and rainy and yucky but still kind of weirdly peaceful. And I am so thankful that weekends aren’t only one day! Praise the Lord for Sundays :o)

Have a great week everyone! Make the most of every opportunity this week!