Crafterday: Knitted Change Purses

Happy Saturday!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Crafterday post! But rest assured; with the arrival of my new Etsy Store I have been busy with my myriad knitting needles!

Today I wanted to share my latest project: knitted change purses.

IMG_5360 IMG_5361 IMG_5364

These purses are so fun. I had some of the green wool yarn left over from my soap sock project (also available on Etsy), and so I used a seed stitch to create these cute, textured purses that are perfect for carrying cash and cards on a quick jaunt or even as a wallet in its own right. I used some beautiful glass vintage buttons I had on hand to fasten the purses shut. It was a quick and easy project, perfect for some leftover yarn.

The best part? They’re for sale! Only 10 bucks each, available on Etsy. They are super cute and make awesome gifts, and there are only two of them, so snap ’em up before someone else does!

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm if you are somewhere that, like here, seems determined to keep you frozen.

Belated Crafterday and Weekly Reflection: Sorry guys!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lateness of this Crafterday post. This week has been a leetle busy!

I wanted to share this super fun and easy craft idea with you. It’s a great way to add some vintage flair to your decor and to get in some recycling in the process! Meet vintage newspaper bottle-caps.



Anyone who knows me knows that I love glass bottles. I can’t even really explain why, but to me there is so much potential in a bottle. There are a million things you can do with one long after what it originally carried is spent. I love to use bottles as vases or containers for change or buttons. The possibilities are endless!

So this project has probably been done before, but I thought I’d share it. It’s super easy and fun!



DSC_0411 DSC_0413 DSC_0415

DSC_0417 DSC_0418 DSC_0420DSC_0425


Bottle with lid

Lightweight pretty paper

Glue stick


Start with any glass bottle. Take off any paper or plastic wrapping and rinse the bottle out completely, making sure that it is completely dried. Then, take any lightweight paper (I used a vintage newspaper print, but you could use any kind) and with a glue stick glue up a portion of your paper that’s a little bigger than the lid. (make sure to glue on the wrong side so that the pretty part is what you see! :) Put the lid onto the patch of glue, and glue more about an inch in every direction so that the lid is sitting in a big patch of glue :). Cut around the edge of the glue. With the lid firmly stuck to the paper, start to fold the paper around the edge of the lid in nice, neat folds. When you are done, partially screw the lid onto the bottle and set it upside down for a few hours. The weight will make sure that the paper adheres to the entire lid. After the glue dries, trim the edges of the paper so it is nice and neat all around the lid. And you’re done!


Sorry I’ve been a little slack this weekend. I am very tired and not feeling my best. But have a great weekend and I will be sure to post on Tuesday!


Nifty and Crafty: Feather Wall Art

Happy Saturday Folks!

This is the start of a weekly series of craft posts, which I am planning to do every Saturday. I was going to call it something clever like “Crafterday” (get it?), but figured that was a bit corny. If, however, you happen to like that moniker, please let me know! :o)

As you may have guessed, I am currently attending college and right now I am living in the cute little dorm room with my roommate, who also happens to be a dear friend. We’ve done a bit of decorating, but not nearly to the extent of some of our peers. So, in an attempt to pretty-fy my little corner of the world, I put together this wall art project.

(Please excuse the bad picture quality; I am a poor and harried college student.)




This project was so fun and incredibly easy, and also absolutely free! Which is what I like to hear :o)




The steps are simple: I got about twenty paint sample chips from Wal-Mart and cut little feather shapes out of them. I felt a little guilty taking all those samples out of the store, but hey! they’re free.




I got colors that match my belongings, which mean a lot of blue. It’s my favorite color and I seem to get just about everything in it; bedspreads, lamps, storage boxes, books, feathers…





The feather shape is nice and easy to work with because it’s very foolproof. You pretty much fold your paper in half, cut out a leafy/feathery shape, and then make little cuts for the bristles (technically, barbs. But you know what I meant.) Then ruffle up the feather a little and you’re done!




I also cut a few feathers from this delightful old-timey newspaper-like paper that packaged a dress I once bought online. I like how it gives a vintage feel.

After I cut out the feathers, I planned out my arrangement. I decided to do a tonal pattern, from darkest blue to lightest blue, with shades of green in between. I attached the feathers to the wall using sticky-tack because we can’t use tape.




So, if you are wishing for an easy, pretty, and best of all free project, give this one a try! It adds so much to my corner of the room. I absolutely love it, and I get lots of nice comments from my floormates, as well :o)

Happy Saturday folks!