I’ve always liked traveling. When I was young my family drove all over the South and Midwest, staying with family and visiting historical sites along the way (we were homeschooled so we had to make it educational). We visited Chicago, the Outer Banks in North Carolina, Nashville, and Orlando. I fell in love with St. Augustine (the city, not the man).

We’d always travel down South in the winter, halfway into February when we were most sick of snow. The balmy temperatures and the fresh, floral scent in the air meant a kind of freedom. We weren’t stuck in snow drifts. We were on an adventure.

Somewhere along the way I lost a little of my love for adventure. It’s been replaced by an annoyingly grown-up need for security and planning. Sometimes I wish I could drop everything and be a gypsy, but then I remember I have a job and a house and an education (and anyway, my husband says no).

But it looks like there will be a return of adventure for us in the months ahead. Opportunities have come our way and although it’s a little terrifying to take them, we realize that we must. Everything that needs to work out will.

So stay tuned for our adventures, and go on a few of your own while you’re at it. :)

Curiosities: Ink Bottle

In class we’ve talked about a “cabinet of curiosities” – a collection of interesting artifacts that shows who a person is by the stuff that they have. In a writing sense, your cabinet is your mind and all the thoughts, ideas, and stories you’ve collected. I have a few “curiosities” in real life too, or at least things I think are unusual and very telling of my personality. So from time to time I’d like to offer little poemlets, little snatches of my “cabinet”. I got the idea from one of my classmates, and I think it’s quite fun. Enjoy!


Ink Bottle

There’s a glass bottle on my desk, only three inches tall, and filled with black ink.

Schwarze Kalligraphie Tinte, the label says.

I bought the bottle at Wartburg Castle near Eisenach.

It came with a black-handled dip pen and three delightful metal nibs.

It was a bright day with a January chill,

and I was overjoyed to see the different colors of Kalligraphie Tinte

in the glass box of the gift shop.

The first time I wrote with the pen my left pinky got soaked with ink,

as often happens to a lefty.

The bottle has a cork stamped with a black seal. It all looks very official.

The bottle is half empty, and if I want to keep writing I’ll need to buy more ink.

But it will never be Schwarze Kalligraphie Tinte, and that’s a shame.