Adventures, Past and Future

I've talked a lot about adventures this year. I've visited two new states and revisited three. This week I'll be revisiting another favorite: Tennessee. Nashville, to be exact. I lived with my cousins in Nashville for several months almost three years ago (!). We had a bunch of adventures together and it's one of the … Continue reading Adventures, Past and Future

The Beginning of Adventures

It's not really the beginning of all the adventures. We've already been to El Paso. It was hot, and pleasant, and you could see Mexico right over the poor excuse for a river. It was lovely. Tomorrow we begin the long-term adventure to Arizona, to the desert where we'll be spending the next two months. In … Continue reading The Beginning of Adventures

Springtime Travel

Time seems thinner in the spring. I mean, each year is a layer and usually the layers are too thick, too heavy to push aside and revisit. But in the springtime -- in the euphoria of sunshine every past soul has seen, of a fresh breeze every past soul has smelt, of tender sprouts every … Continue reading Springtime Travel

Our Coming Adventures

Over a month ago I shared that we were making tentative plans for some big adventures. Well, we've decided to take the leap and spend most of the summer in a new place: We'll be visiting the great state of Arizona for 2-3 months! We plan to stay with Alex's grandparents near Phoenix, helping them out and … Continue reading Our Coming Adventures

Everything is Beautiful

With the arrival of March, we enter "Still Winter", a season known to the rest of the world as "Spring", and one of the most depressing parts of the year in Western PA. The weather is a yo-yo. You can literally wear shorts one day and a parka the next (this week was like that). … Continue reading Everything is Beautiful


I've always liked traveling. When I was young my family drove all over the South and Midwest, staying with family and visiting historical sites along the way (we were homeschooled so we had to make it educational). We visited Chicago, the Outer Banks in North Carolina, Nashville, and Orlando. I fell in love with St. … Continue reading Adventures

Curiosities: Ink Bottle

In class we've talked about a "cabinet of curiosities" - a collection of interesting artifacts that shows who a person is by the stuff that they have. In a writing sense, your cabinet is your mind and all the thoughts, ideas, and stories you've collected. I have a few "curiosities" in real life too, or … Continue reading Curiosities: Ink Bottle