Weekend Pith: Cleaning Slates

I always switch gears a little once September is about to come around. Obviously, that's usually because school is starting, and even though my grad school is set up a little differently, there's still a definite summer's end and fall's beginning. Should my plans for teacherhood pan out, my life will always be this way. … Continue reading Weekend Pith: Cleaning Slates

Reading Like a Kid

I remember reading a lot when I was younger. I gobbled up books one by one, reading whatever took my fancy. Most of them were children's classics, cozy tales with female protagonists. Little Women made me want to be a writer. The Secret Garden inspired me to sketch the plans for my own secret garden, complete with a … Continue reading Reading Like a Kid

The Beginning of Adventures

It's not really the beginning of all the adventures. We've already been to El Paso. It was hot, and pleasant, and you could see Mexico right over the poor excuse for a river. It was lovely. Tomorrow we begin the long-term adventure to Arizona, to the desert where we'll be spending the next two months. In … Continue reading The Beginning of Adventures

Our Coming Adventures

Over a month ago I shared that we were making tentative plans for some big adventures. Well, we've decided to take the leap and spend most of the summer in a new place: We'll be visiting the great state of Arizona for 2-3 months! We plan to stay with Alex's grandparents near Phoenix, helping them out and … Continue reading Our Coming Adventures

The First Blog Post in a Month! (and what’s been going on since then)

Hello anyone who hasn't forgotten about this blog! It's nearing the end of July (!) and my lofty ambitions of blogging throughout the summer pretty much died as soon as summer break actually got here. Of course, the whole process of getting married really takes up time and energy, so I can allow myself a … Continue reading The First Blog Post in a Month! (and what’s been going on since then)