There are worlds  We know nothing about,  and we pass them and step on them and make grand judgements. But until we shrink ourselves and stretch ourselves into those worlds, we will never realize  how real they are.  They will only ever be imaginary lands we argue about.  And we will only ever be … Continue reading Ridiculous 

Springtime Travel

Time seems thinner in the spring. I mean, each year is a layer and usually the layers are too thick, too heavy to push aside and revisit. But in the springtime -- in the euphoria of sunshine every past soul has seen, of a fresh breeze every past soul has smelt, of tender sprouts every … Continue reading Springtime Travel

Everything is Beautiful

With the arrival of March, we enter "Still Winter", a season known to the rest of the world as "Spring", and one of the most depressing parts of the year in Western PA. The weather is a yo-yo. You can literally wear shorts one day and a parka the next (this week was like that). … Continue reading Everything is Beautiful

Spring Has Sprung, and So Do I.

It's a warm sunny day here in Western PA, and I am sitting at the coffee shop with a glass of Mango Ceylon ice tea. Two of my sisters and I went out for Korean food. I've hadn't had it before, but let me tell you: Korean barbecue is the bestest. That green stuff is … Continue reading Spring Has Sprung, and So Do I.