More Book Teasers! And a Roundup!

Hello everyone! It’s the last day of February! Isn’t that crazy? I am actually pretty excited. I know you shouldn’t wish away the year, but I’m at least wishing away February. So far it’s been pretty… meh. Weather wise, mostly. This week we submitted our drafts for the upcoming book to our editor (read: professor). … Continue reading More Book Teasers! And a Roundup!

Holy February Batman!

Hello everyone! You don't usually see a Monday post from me, do you? Well, this was supposed to be done on Saturday, but I just had the most smash-bang busiest busy weekend anyway, so that did not work out. So, here is my belated laundry list of recent happenings. I am also going to re-post … Continue reading Holy February Batman!

Weekly Roundup and Reflection: Finality

It's Sunday! Which means that a week from today I will be home! This coming week is finals week, and despite norms I am not really that stressed. There is really not much for me to do besides curb my procrastination and put the last bit of effort in to finish. There is also a … Continue reading Weekly Roundup and Reflection: Finality

Weekly Reflection and Roundup: Thanks

Well, it's Sunday again, and less than five days until Thanksgiving. It's hard to believe that last year I was living in Nashville, working at the mall in town, living with my cousins. Now I am back in my home state, in school, and going home for the holiday. It's crazy that a year has … Continue reading Weekly Reflection and Roundup: Thanks

Weekly Reflection and Roundup: November!?

Wow! It's November already! Technically, it was last weekend too, but it didn't really hit me until this past week. Most of the leaves have fallen off the trees, and we had some kind of precipitation that looked suspiciously snowy a couple of times. One morning I woke to see that a big ginkgo tree … Continue reading Weekly Reflection and Roundup: November!?