Reading Like a Kid

I remember reading a lot when I was younger. I gobbled up books one by one, reading whatever took my fancy. Most of them were children's classics, cozy tales with female protagonists. Little Women made me want to be a writer. The Secret Garden inspired me to sketch the plans for my own secret garden, complete with a … Continue reading Reading Like a Kid

Runner and Doorman

I've been reading a book about quelling anxiety. Not for myself, of course, because I don't need it at all. Ha. One thing I've learned is that the fear of anxiety is what makes anxiety something to fear. Anxiety in itself is nothing, just extra adrenaline. Becoming hyper-aware of it and then fearing its arrival … Continue reading Runner and Doorman

On Children’s Tales

I have a reading list. All writers ought to, I'm told. And for a while, this was a stressful thing. My reading list was a thing to conquer. I still had yet to tackle classics that my peers had been hotly debating since middle school. My giant to-do list yawned before me, standing between me and … Continue reading On Children’s Tales

Before I Say Goodnight

Hey! Guess what? It's officially Wednesday morning, and I haven't given you dear folks a post. Sorry about that! Today was our first day back to class after spring break, and well, I was a bit busy. I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you before I say goodnight. Today I was stressed. … Continue reading Before I Say Goodnight

The Speech

Hello everyone! My readings went really well last night. I was super nervous, almost to the point of dreading it. I just kept telling myself "I refuse to be nervous, I refuse to be nervous, I refuse..." And that helped a little. There were so many people in the room! The event was held in the … Continue reading The Speech

The Ring

Happy Tuesday Folks! Tomorrow I will be reading my creative work for the first time in public! Yipes! If you think of me, say a quick prayer. I am excited and terrified. That should really be a word, you know? Blend those two feelings together. Exiterrified. In my poetry class we've been taking a lot … Continue reading The Ring