A Confession of Feelings

I've spent most of the past few months being really angry. It started with some family crap, and finished with some church crap, and neither crap really needs to be explored here. All the crap is more or less being resolved. God has a way of making crap beautiful. Kudos to Him; it's hard work … Continue reading A Confession of Feelings

Spring Has Sprung, and So Do I.

It's a warm sunny day here in Western PA, and I am sitting at the coffee shop with a glass of Mango Ceylon ice tea. Two of my sisters and I went out for Korean food. I've hadn't had it before, but let me tell you: Korean barbecue is the bestest. That green stuff is … Continue reading Spring Has Sprung, and So Do I.

Before I Say Goodnight

Hey! Guess what? It's officially Wednesday morning, and I haven't given you dear folks a post. Sorry about that! Today was our first day back to class after spring break, and well, I was a bit busy. I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you before I say goodnight. Today I was stressed. … Continue reading Before I Say Goodnight

Thoughts for the Creative Juices

"Here, these ought to get your creative juices flowing." my aunt presented me with a box of vibrant purple glass beads. I was twelve, and in the middle of a jewelry-making phase. Heck yeah it got the creative juices flowing. For the next few years I made necklaces, bracelets, and key chains with those heavy … Continue reading Thoughts for the Creative Juices

More Book Teasers! And a Roundup!

Hello everyone! It’s the last day of February! Isn’t that crazy? I am actually pretty excited. I know you shouldn’t wish away the year, but I’m at least wishing away February. So far it’s been pretty… meh. Weather wise, mostly. This week we submitted our drafts for the upcoming book to our editor (read: professor). … Continue reading More Book Teasers! And a Roundup!

Wonderfully Stupid

Something about us just can’t stand when another person is wrong. Have you ever been there? Has your blood ever boiled over until you explode in a steamy rage? Has it ever simmered quietly, slowly fermenting your bitterness? Sometimes the reactions are justified. My blood boils when I’m at the supermarket and I see a … Continue reading Wonderfully Stupid

How to Survive Winter (in Eleven Easy Steps)

Ah, winter. It is the season of cozy, and I love cozy, but I hate how for some reason people still expect me to go out and do things. No! Let me stay home and be cozy, gosh darnit! Unfortunately, I am overruled. Life must unreasonably go on. For those of you who might be … Continue reading How to Survive Winter (in Eleven Easy Steps)

Holy February Batman!

Hello everyone! You don't usually see a Monday post from me, do you? Well, this was supposed to be done on Saturday, but I just had the most smash-bang busiest busy weekend anyway, so that did not work out. So, here is my belated laundry list of recent happenings. I am also going to re-post … Continue reading Holy February Batman!