Steward’s Song

"Tend the garden," He said. But did He really say? What is the garden? Who is my neighbor? This garden infested with dangers, toils and snares, sorrow and misery, pestilence and disease. This garden cannot be what He intends us to tend. What is the garden? Who is my neighbor? This world is not my … Continue reading Steward’s Song


   There are worlds  We know nothing about,  and we pass them and step on them and make grand judgements. But until we shrink ourselves and stretch ourselves into those worlds, we will never realize  how real they are.  They will only ever be imaginary lands we argue about.  And we will only ever be … Continue reading Ridiculous 

Springtime Travel

Time seems thinner in the spring. I mean, each year is a layer and usually the layers are too thick, too heavy to push aside and revisit. But in the springtime -- in the euphoria of sunshine every past soul has seen, of a fresh breeze every past soul has smelt, of tender sprouts every … Continue reading Springtime Travel

To My Russian

  I love you for being myself and getting to grow into someone else. I love you for inside jokes, morning kisses, vanilla cokes. I love you for silly faces, karate fights and swimming races. I love you for crying tears, for working sweat and wrestling prayers. I love you for what I needed, I … Continue reading To My Russian

Thick Skin

"You need thick skin to survive in this world." "What if I don't have it?" "You'll have to grow it." "What if I can't?" "You'll have to." "What if my skin is delicate, almost translucent? What if no matter how much I try, a bruise is always more painful, a wound always more deep? What if I … Continue reading Thick Skin