Poemlet Tuesday: Texture

Happy Tuesday folks! I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend, for those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving and... those myriad shopping days. I had a lovely six days at home, and now I am back at school and back to the daily grind! Today begins the week in full swing with an eight o' clock … Continue reading Poemlet Tuesday: Texture

Poemlet Tuesday: Layers

Happy Tuesday folks! I apologize for being so neglectful this weekend. The semester is winding down, and I've been really busy and stressed. I think that for the time being I shall be taking a break from weekend posting, just until the semester ends. Then, get ready for Christmas season weekend posts! πŸ˜€ For the … Continue reading Poemlet Tuesday: Layers

Weekly Reflection and Roundup: Patience

Happy Sunday everyone! It's been a long while since I've written a Weekly Reflection! It's been a long and stressful week, and I amΒ so glad it's the weekend! One thing I've been trying to learn this week is patience. My college career will take longer than I originally hoped, and for a few days I … Continue reading Weekly Reflection and Roundup: Patience