There are worlds  We know nothing about,  and we pass them and step on them and make grand judgements. But until we shrink ourselves and stretch ourselves into those worlds, we will never realize  how real they are.  They will only ever be imaginary lands we argue about.  And we will only ever be … Continue reading Ridiculous 

Springtime Travel

Time seems thinner in the spring. I mean, each year is a layer and usually the layers are too thick, too heavy to push aside and revisit. But in the springtime -- in the euphoria of sunshine every past soul has seen, of a fresh breeze every past soul has smelt, of tender sprouts every … Continue reading Springtime Travel

Plaster Cast

Masks are crucial to performance. They must have nary a crack, painted smooth and bright. They must blend with the troupe of others, indiscernible, so that the show may go on and others may look on your face and see the mask smiling placidly of papier-mâché and remark to themselves how beautiful you are and how they yearn … Continue reading Plaster Cast


The air is raw and smells of ice and smoke. The land is cleared of distraction, everything unhidden, everything laid bare. Above is the lightest turquoise stone, very smooth, and the sunset casts periwinkle shadows on the white reposing drifts that fall and collect with a sound louder than silence. The flame flickers cold, and … Continue reading Bitterkalt


  We are so strong to ourselves. We live in castles and wear our armor, and go on quests to prove our worth. We slay the dragons and battle sea-serpents, regarding death as we do the ant, casually superior and paying no mind, never facing it. We treat mysteries of the universe with educated familiarity, … Continue reading Audacity