Our Coming Adventures

Over a month ago I shared that we were making tentative plans for some big adventures. Well, we’ve decided to take the leap and spend most of the summer in a new place:




(photos all by me :) )

We’ll be visiting the great state of Arizona for 2-3 months! We plan to stay with Alex’s grandparents near Phoenix, helping them out and getting to know them better. Alex and I have been to Arizona several times together and separately, and it’s one of our favorite states. Alex wants to move there. I’m a little more skeptical.

It was a little scary to decide to run off West when we still have a house and jobs here in PA. I like structure and I was rather set on our plan to stay near school over the summer. But this was an opportunity that shot up suddenly, and we’ve noticed that when this happens it’s usually something we need to take advantage of. We won’t have very many years of utter flexibility, so we decided to enjoy where the wind takes us while we’re still light enough to be swept along.

It will be a busy summer. We have three weddings to attend in three different states, none of which are Arizona. We’ll get to see a lot of new airports. But we’re looking forward to going on those adventures together, to discovering new people and places and learning more about ourselves in the process. We are fully confident that God is leading us in a new and exciting direction, and that we can trust in His provision as we do something slightly crazy.

And anyway, it’s the closest Alex will let me get to being a gypsy.


It’s Been Awhile

I want to be a blogger, I really do.
You wouldn’t know it by the frequency of my posts, but it’s true.
Life overwhelms, so many colors and flavors.
Some of them bitter and drab, others too sweet and bright.
And my very logical reaction is to curl up in a ball
and ignore every semblance of responsibility,
to cry like a tired child
who won’t admit she needs a nap.
This reaction may be logical, but it’s far from right.
And it takes me farther from who I want to be.
I – and we all – need to choose
what is important and what isn’t.
(The grownup word is pri-or-i-tize.)
And to pursue all that is lovely and pure,
And throw out that which hinders.
It’s been awhile since I’ve done that,
and it’ll be awhile until I get it right.
But it’s the only option.

The First Blog Post in a Month! (and what’s been going on since then)

Hello anyone who hasn’t forgotten about this blog!

It’s nearing the end of July (!) and my lofty ambitions of blogging throughout the summer pretty much died as soon as summer break actually got here. Of course, the whole process of getting married really takes up time and energy, so I can allow myself a little slack. But these past few days I’ve been challenged to get back in the writing saddle again. So here I am. Take a look at life this summer:

us married Waves 2


IMG_6751 IMG_6725 IMG_6729

IMG_6712 FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2) IMG_6776 FullSizeRender (3) IMG_6801 IMG_6819 IMG_6831

I haven’t been completely dormant as far as writing goes – I now have a blogging job, so I guess that’s an accomplishment :) I write over at Honest Aromas, the blog for a new aromatherapy company started by my one and only mother, who received her aromatherapist’s certification this May. She is one of very few certified aromatherapists in the Western PA area, so the new business is very exciting. I serve as her blogger/social media/public relations/pretty much everything else gal, and so far that’s been fun!

We are also preparing to move down closer to school. We found the perfect little house three blocks from campus, where we plan to stay for the next few years as we finish up our degrees. We move in a month, which will most likely be a stressful and exciting experience (which is pretty much this year in a nutshell!).

Stay tuned as I plan to write more here, as I should be. :) And bear with me as I try to keep all the plates spinning.

Thanks for reading folks! Hope your summer has been smashing!

Winding Down


Happy Tuesday all!

It’s finals week, or for me, finals day, since I have two tests and I’m done!

Then begins a month of crazed preparation for the wedding, for which I really can’t wait.

Of course, with the end of the school year, sentimentality sets in. I will miss my little dorm room and roommate, as well as all the people on my floor and the routines we all have. This year was great, and I’m thankful for the memories.

Now, remember my news about being published? Well my flash fiction piece went live on Friday! Head on over to Foliate Oak Magazine and check out my story “One Kiss”. Don’t stop there, though; there are tons of super talented writers featured in Foliate Oak this month! Seize the chance to discover a new source of entertaining and thought provoking writing!

And of course, I can’t help advising you to take a look at The Bestiary of People We Know and Love and Hate as well! I got my copy on Friday, and folks, it is seriously amazing! Support blossoming writers (and treat yourself) by obtaining a copy of this sweet little book. It’s life. It’s culture. It’s the future.

Have a happy week and HAPPY SPRING!

Crafter(ish)day: Book News

Happy Saturday folks! Are you as glad that it’s finally the weekend as I am? I seem to say something like this nearly every weekend, but this time I mean it. I really do. I had a harrowingly busy week in which, just as I got a little break, the clock seemed to jump half an hour and up I was again! Whew.

Remember the exciting news I shared with you? About the book I (and my brilliant colleagues) will be publishing this semester? Well in the weeks to come I will be sharing our progress on Saturdays, toward the end of the week when our week’s work is done. (Don’t worry though; if you were super attached to those craft posts, I’ll try to fit them in here and there. :o)

So here’s this week’s news: The book is called The Bestiary of People We Know and Love and Hate. Rather hefty title, eh? What does it mean, you ask? What the heck is a bestiary? According to Merriam Webster online it is

2.b.  an array of real humans or literary characters often having symbolic significance


3. an unusual or whimsical collection

In short, our book will be a collection of writings on – you guessed it – people we know and love and hate. This week we submitted our work and will continue to be polishing, editing, and perfecting. Stay posted! Come April we will have the book available for print on demand! Such excitement!! :o)

Can’t wait until then? Interest piqued? Check out our Facebook page and remember to check in here for my updates!

I have some really exciting stuff planned as far as posts go this week. Stay tuned and have a happy Saturday everyone!

{stay frosty my friends}

Writing News

Happy Thursday everyone!

I apologize for getting this out so late. My first week back at school has been quite busy, and of course I use the lovely excuses of “I have so much hooomework!” and “But I’m so tiiiired!” to put off blog posting. A grave character fault, I admit.

I don’t have any poetry today, but I do have some really good news! Which is that, hopefully over the course of this semester, I will be publishing a BOOK!


Correction: I will be publishing a book in tandem with others (although I am of course not ruling out the possibility of going solo). I am in this really interesting and extensive Publishing class, and together we are going to put together a book and publish it. We are also each going to publish our own work separately. It’s a bit hard for me to wrap my head around (and really overwhelming: planning a wedding + publishing my work = ahhh!), but still quite fun! I’m going to use this blog as a bit of a journal for what’s going on week by week (in addition to my usual poetry and crafts), and I am so excited to keep you all updated on this sort of milestone! Stay posted for more news! And have a very happy Thursday. :o)

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