Our Coming Adventures

Over a month ago I shared that we were making tentative plans for some big adventures. Well, we've decided to take the leap and spend most of the summer in a new place: We'll be visiting the great state of Arizona for 2-3 months! We plan to stay with Alex's grandparents near Phoenix, helping them out and … Continue reading Our Coming Adventures

The First Blog Post in a Month! (and what’s been going on since then)

Hello anyone who hasn't forgotten about this blog! It's nearing the end of July (!) and my lofty ambitions of blogging throughout the summer pretty much died as soon as summer break actually got here. Of course, the whole process of getting married really takes up time and energy, so I can allow myself a … Continue reading The First Blog Post in a Month! (and what’s been going on since then)

Crafter(ish)day: Book News

Happy Saturday folks! Are you as glad that it's finally the weekend as I am? I seem to say something like this nearly every weekend, but this time I mean it. I really do. I had a harrowingly busy week in which, just as I got a little break, the clock seemed to jump half … Continue reading Crafter(ish)day: Book News

Writing News

Happy Thursday everyone! I apologize for getting this out so late. My first week back at school has been quite busy, and of course I use the lovely excuses of "I have so much hooomework!" and "But I'm so tiiiired!" to put off blog posting. A grave character fault, I admit. I don't have any poetry today, … Continue reading Writing News