After my little hiatus, I’m returning to new and fresh ideas for this space. The winter offered me some time to hibernate, to grow, and to be diverted. I’ve been working on a new blog, The Winter Project, with my friend Jenny, and after that wraps up I’ll have the space and inspiration to pick up here again. Stay tuned for something a little new, and a little more fun.

See you in a few!


We Moved!

Within these past couple weeks we packed up our little nest and moved to a larger one an hour and a half away to be closer to school. After several trips to and fro, lots of carrying up and down stairs, and lots of guilt over how much stuff we have (which is still not a lot), we are MOVED!


We have a cozy little two-bedroom three blocks from campus, with a front porch and grassy yard (which Alex promptly mowed after all our boxes were in the house. He’s a sucker for lawn care :)). Putting everything together in the rooms was a ton of fun; the furniture (which we don’t have enough of) and the decor (which we have too much of) are so beautiful and welcoming, and it’s really starting to feel like home after only two days.

I get really attached to places. There’s something about thinking your thoughts, doing your stuff, and dreaming your dreams in your own corner of this wide world that makes each place sacred. I get sad when old buildings are torn down, or when walls are plastered over or when I move out of rooms I’ve only inhabited for a few months. I’m thankful for this new spot, however, and there are corners of it that fill me with such joy. Anyone else the same way?

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Enjoy your Saturday, my friends!