In My Dreams

I come from a family of dreamers. And no, that's not a cute thing. We're literally dreamers. We have weird, psychologically deep, physically exhausting dreams. My mom was the first one. She dreams in sagas. And they're just true enough to be disturbing. When I was a teenager she dreamt someone had cut off one … Continue reading In My Dreams

A Confession of Feelings

I've spent most of the past few months being really angry. It started with some family crap, and finished with some church crap, and neither crap really needs to be explored here. All the crap is more or less being resolved. God has a way of making crap beautiful. Kudos to Him; it's hard work … Continue reading A Confession of Feelings

To My Russian

  I love you for being myself and getting to grow into someone else. I love you for inside jokes, morning kisses, vanilla cokes. I love you for silly faces, karate fights and swimming races. I love you for crying tears, for working sweat and wrestling prayers. I love you for what I needed, I … Continue reading To My Russian

6 Things I’ve Learned from Being Married in College

As you know if you've read this blog in the past few months, I got married last June. My husband and I, however, are both still in college. I have less than a year to go for my Bachelor's degree while he has over two. Married college students are a rare sight. I know a few classmates … Continue reading 6 Things I’ve Learned from Being Married in College

I Will Love Winter

Almost a year ago I wrote a post called "How to Survive Winter (in Eleven Easy Steps)". While I appreciate the sentiment in which I wrote it, I feel I've matured in a year, and now I am ready to tackle the monumental task of actually loving winter. As a kid, I loved the cold, ice, … Continue reading I Will Love Winter

Before I Say Goodnight

Hey! Guess what? It's officially Wednesday morning, and I haven't given you dear folks a post. Sorry about that! Today was our first day back to class after spring break, and well, I was a bit busy. I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you before I say goodnight. Today I was stressed. … Continue reading Before I Say Goodnight

(Not Another) Love Poem

One thing that bothers me about society is our obsession with love, and yet for as obsessed as we are with it, there is still so little of it in the world. Every book, movie, TV show, and song describes our quest for true, lifelong love, specifically romantic love. We talk about finding love and … Continue reading (Not Another) Love Poem