For the Love of Old Things

Have you ever recognized the insane number of little thoughts that flit through your head each day? The opinions you form, the emotions you feel, the jokes you tell yourself? Sometimes my mind is like a pinball machine, bouncing from subject to subject (or, more accurately, like a person walking through the living room in … Continue reading For the Love of Old Things

Learning to Paddle

  I often feel like I'm playing against myself at life, trying to beat myself and emerge the winner. I've always had these grand aspirations of being a good writer. I've always taken it for granted that I'll be able to do it. When I used to tell people I was going to college for … Continue reading Learning to Paddle

Runner and Doorman

I've been reading a book about quelling anxiety. Not for myself, of course, because I don't need it at all. Ha. One thing I've learned is that the fear of anxiety is what makes anxiety something to fear. Anxiety in itself is nothing, just extra adrenaline. Becoming hyper-aware of it and then fearing its arrival … Continue reading Runner and Doorman

In My Dreams

I come from a family of dreamers. And no, that's not a cute thing. We're literally dreamers. We have weird, psychologically deep, physically exhausting dreams. My mom was the first one. She dreams in sagas. And they're just true enough to be disturbing. When I was a teenager she dreamt someone had cut off one … Continue reading In My Dreams

Sing Anyway

It's 2017! According to the people in my social media feeds, which is always a reliable source of information, the new year is a good thing because last year was apparently terrible. My writing dropped off the face of the internet's earth for a while, and that's okay. Because the internet's earth isn't all of … Continue reading Sing Anyway

Finding Balance, Losing Balance

Do you remember running to the playground as a kid and beholding a line of colorful wood or metal seesaws? You'd pair up with a friend and take turns pushing each other off the earth and weighing each other back down. But no one, child or adult, is ever satisfied with the monotony of passively bounding … Continue reading Finding Balance, Losing Balance

A Confession of Feelings

I've spent most of the past few months being really angry. It started with some family crap, and finished with some church crap, and neither crap really needs to be explored here. All the crap is more or less being resolved. God has a way of making crap beautiful. Kudos to Him; it's hard work … Continue reading A Confession of Feelings

Our Coming Adventures

Over a month ago I shared that we were making tentative plans for some big adventures. Well, we've decided to take the leap and spend most of the summer in a new place: We'll be visiting the great state of Arizona for 2-3 months! We plan to stay with Alex's grandparents near Phoenix, helping them out and … Continue reading Our Coming Adventures

Everything is Beautiful

With the arrival of March, we enter "Still Winter", a season known to the rest of the world as "Spring", and one of the most depressing parts of the year in Western PA. The weather is a yo-yo. You can literally wear shorts one day and a parka the next (this week was like that). … Continue reading Everything is Beautiful