New Name, Same Face

Happy Friday! Is anyone else utterly done with this week? We're only two weeks into the semester and I have zero motivation. Okay, perhaps five. Five motivations.    This week has had it's highs, though. I cleaned out my closet and drawers, which though it might not sound fun to you, was incredibly exciting to … Continue reading New Name, Same Face

I Will Love Winter

Almost a year ago I wrote a post called "How to Survive Winter (in Eleven Easy Steps)". While I appreciate the sentiment in which I wrote it, I feel I've matured in a year, and now I am ready to tackle the monumental task of actually loving winter. As a kid, I loved the cold, ice, … Continue reading I Will Love Winter

Crafterday: Crocheted Coasters

Happy weekend! I'm so excited!! :o) This week has seemed to stretch into an overly long cacophony of busyness! So now I am going to sleep in, do lunch with a friend, and catch up on some reading. Today I wanted to share my latest project. Surprisingly enough, it is not a knit (gasp!), but … Continue reading Crafterday: Crocheted Coasters

Crafterday: Mini Knitted Christmas Trees

Hello folks! Finals are done and now I can turn my attention to Christmas, Crafting, and Creating new blog posts! :o) Today's lovely little craft came to me courtesy of The Twisted Yarn. This delightful blog has been a constant source of whimsical inspiration for me! So, when I saw her post on Knitted Christmas … Continue reading Crafterday: Mini Knitted Christmas Trees

Crafterday: Knitted Headwraps

Happy Saturday folks! I realized just now that my Crafterday posts feature a bunch of knitting, and I know that that might get dull. But never fear; I have some non-knitted crafts in the works! With that being said, today I want to share something knitted :o) I found this headwrap pattern on Pinterest, and … Continue reading Crafterday: Knitted Headwraps

Crafterday: Purple Bluebird

Happy Saturday! Can you believe that I am actually writing a Crafterday post when I should be? Astounding! Today's craft is the knitted bird I made for a friend. I used the "Bluebird of Happiness" tutorial by Sarah Elizabeth Kellner on Ravelry. (Click the picture below to find it!) It knits up quickly and rather easily … Continue reading Crafterday: Purple Bluebird

Crafterday: Knitted Hedgehog!

Gosh darn it; I'm calling it Crafterday. Life is short. Use bad puns. This week's featured craft is the knitted hedgehog I made for my boyfriend. That's a bit of an odd gift, I'll give you that, and even I was surprised when he showed interest as I was showing him my Pinterest knitting board. … Continue reading Crafterday: Knitted Hedgehog!