Rising Above the Oooh

I've always considered myself someone who likes to travel. I mean, it makes you sound so accomplished. "What do you like to do?" "I'm a writer, and a big reader. I also love to travel." "Really! Where have you been?" "I've been to Europe," *shrug*. "Oooh." I live for the Admiring Oooh. In all seriousness, … Continue reading Rising Above the Oooh

I Made Something! And Other Matters

Every week I used to have a "Crafterday" post here (think clever pun between "craft" and "Saturday"), which I haven't done for a while. I guess I found different things to talk about. That, and I got too busy on Saturdays. But if those posts were your cup of tea, you're in for a few! … Continue reading I Made Something! And Other Matters