Steward’s Song

"Tend the garden," He said. But did He really say? What is the garden? Who is my neighbor? This garden infested with dangers, toils and snares, sorrow and misery, pestilence and disease. This garden cannot be what He intends us to tend. What is the garden? Who is my neighbor? This world is not my … Continue reading Steward’s Song

On Children’s Tales

I have a reading list. All writers ought to, I'm told. And for a while, this was a stressful thing. My reading list was a thing to conquer. I still had yet to tackle classics that my peers had been hotly debating since middle school. My giant to-do list yawned before me, standing between me and … Continue reading On Children’s Tales


   There are worlds  We know nothing about,  and we pass them and step on them and make grand judgements. But until we shrink ourselves and stretch ourselves into those worlds, we will never realize  how real they are.  They will only ever be imaginary lands we argue about.  And we will only ever be … Continue reading Ridiculous 

Avoiding Mid-Life Crisis

Today's post sounds pretty informative, until you remember that I'm only in my twenties. Sorry about that.     I'm bad at waking up early. I do all the tricks: drink water before bed, put my alarm on the other side of the room, keep the curtains drawn back as best I can. But somehow I'm … Continue reading Avoiding Mid-Life Crisis

Thick Skin

"You need thick skin to survive in this world." "What if I don't have it?" "You'll have to grow it." "What if I can't?" "You'll have to." "What if my skin is delicate, almost translucent? What if no matter how much I try, a bruise is always more painful, a wound always more deep? What if I … Continue reading Thick Skin

I Read Harry Potter (and I didn’t tell my mom)

Exactly a year ago today, I made a big confession.

The Word Chiropractor

Well, I told her after I’d finished reading all seven books.

I wanted to formulate my own opinion on the subject so I could appropriately make my case.

I was afraid, you see. I was afraid that there would be an argument or I’d get grounded or disowned.

The funny thing is, I’m 20, in college, I have a job and a driver’s license, and I’m getting married in June. So really, I am allowed to do pretty much whatever I want unless it’s illegal. And my parents are very friendly, reasonable people.

So why was I so afraid to tell them that I had read Harry Potter?

Despite what you might think, I did not grow up in an extremist right-wing, legalistic religious commune where we dressed in white and sang Amazing Grace every two hours. I did, however, grow up in a conservative, Christian, homeschooling household (which, depending on who…

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6 Things I’ve Learned from Being Married in College

As you know if you've read this blog in the past few months, I got married last June. My husband and I, however, are both still in college. I have less than a year to go for my Bachelor's degree while he has over two. Married college students are a rare sight. I know a few classmates … Continue reading 6 Things I’ve Learned from Being Married in College