Thoughts for the Creative Juices

"Here, these ought to get your creative juices flowing." my aunt presented me with a box of vibrant purple glass beads. I was twelve, and in the middle of a jewelry-making phase. Heck yeah it got the creative juices flowing. For the next few years I made necklaces, bracelets, and key chains with those heavy … Continue reading Thoughts for the Creative Juices

Crafterday: Knitted Headwraps

Happy Saturday folks! I realized just now that my Crafterday posts feature a bunch of knitting, and I know that that might get dull. But never fear; I have some non-knitted crafts in the works! With that being said, today I want to share something knitted :o) I found this headwrap pattern on Pinterest, and … Continue reading Crafterday: Knitted Headwraps

Belated Crafterday and Weekly Reflection: Sorry guys!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lateness of this Crafterday post. This week has been a leetle busy! I wanted to share this super fun and easy craft idea with you. It's a great way to add some vintage flair to your decor and to get in some recycling in the process! Meet vintage newspaper bottle-caps. Anyone who … Continue reading Belated Crafterday and Weekly Reflection: Sorry guys!

Crafterday: Knitted Hedgehog!

Gosh darn it; I'm calling it Crafterday. Life is short. Use bad puns. This week's featured craft is the knitted hedgehog I made for my boyfriend. That's a bit of an odd gift, I'll give you that, and even I was surprised when he showed interest as I was showing him my Pinterest knitting board. … Continue reading Crafterday: Knitted Hedgehog!

Nifty and Crafty: Feather Wall Art

Happy Saturday Folks! This is the start of a weekly series of craft posts, which I am planning to do every Saturday. I was going to call it something clever like "Crafterday" (get it?), but figured that was a bit corny. If, however, you happen to like that moniker, please let me know! :o) As … Continue reading Nifty and Crafty: Feather Wall Art