Writing News

Happy Thursday everyone! I apologize for getting this out so late. My first week back at school has been quite busy, and of course I use the lovely excuses of "I have so much hooomework!" and "But I'm so tiiiired!" to put off blog posting. A grave character fault, I admit. I don't have any poetry today, … Continue reading Writing News

Death of a Christian

Hey all! Happy almost-weekend! This poem I'm sharing today is one I wrote as part of a class assignment in which we were to describe the emotions of an elderly Christian fearing death despite his or her beliefs about life after death. An interesting concept, to be sure, but I misunderstood the assignment. We weren't … Continue reading Death of a Christian

The Ring

Happy Tuesday Folks! Tomorrow I will be reading my creative work for the first time in public! Yipes! If you think of me, say a quick prayer. I am excited and terrified. That should really be a word, you know? Blend those two feelings together. Exiterrified. In my poetry class we've been taking a lot … Continue reading The Ring