What am I Doing?

When I was a teenager, I was awkward. Really awkward. Painfully awkward. I had a hard time talking to people and making friends. I was shy. I was insecure. Being home schooled was not helpful for me in this department. (My taste in clothes at the time probably wasn't helpful either.) But then I became … Continue reading What am I Doing?

Curating Empty Museums

My best friend and I are fond of "curating." It started when she was decorating her room and wanted to arrange her framed photos like those artsy gallery walls you see on Pinterest. It felt as if the description of every pin we found had some derivative of the word "curate" in it. So "curated" … Continue reading Curating Empty Museums

Learning to Paddle

  I often feel like I'm playing against myself at life, trying to beat myself and emerge the winner. I've always had these grand aspirations of being a good writer. I've always taken it for granted that I'll be able to do it. When I used to tell people I was going to college for … Continue reading Learning to Paddle

Runner and Doorman

I've been reading a book about quelling anxiety. Not for myself, of course, because I don't need it at all. Ha. One thing I've learned is that the fear of anxiety is what makes anxiety something to fear. Anxiety in itself is nothing, just extra adrenaline. Becoming hyper-aware of it and then fearing its arrival … Continue reading Runner and Doorman

A Rare Warm Day in Winter

  It was a beautiful day, dry, with a clear blue sky and brown lump hills stuck through with toothpick trees. The hills seemed both far off and crowding. I felt as if I could pull one down and the rest of the world would lie flat before me like a map. I often feel … Continue reading A Rare Warm Day in Winter

In My Dreams

I come from a family of dreamers. And no, that's not a cute thing. We're literally dreamers. We have weird, psychologically deep, physically exhausting dreams. My mom was the first one. She dreams in sagas. And they're just true enough to be disturbing. When I was a teenager she dreamt someone had cut off one … Continue reading In My Dreams

Best Friends

The best friends are those who dig underground when you've been buried and build a kite when you're flying. The best friends are those who teach you how to rejoice in the rain and to see the warmth in the winter. The best friends are those who weasel through the forests grown around your heart … Continue reading Best Friends