Writing Credits


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I’ve worn a few writing hats, with experience in public relations, newspaper, online publishing, social media, and small businesses. With my specialization in creative writing, I’ve worked with fiction, poetry, book reviewing, blogging, and theater. I am a freelance editor and writing tutor.

I hold a B.A. in writing from Geneva College, and I am currently an MFA candidate in creative writing at Carlow University, with an emphasis in fiction.

Right now, I’m working as a manuscript editor/writing coach for an upcoming Christian memoir. I am also freelancing for a variety of small businesses.

Personally, I write essays and fiction, with several short stories and two novels in the works.

My work has appeared in BoundlessFoliate Oak Magazine, and the creative nonfiction anthology The Bestiary of People We Know and Love and Hate.

Check out Honest Aromas, one of my freelancing clients… I’ve known the owner forever ;)

email me at: kennedyhannaha@gmail.com.

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