Weekend Pith: Cleaning Slates

I always switch gears a little once September is about to come around. Obviously, that's usually because school is starting, and even though my grad school is set up a little differently, there's still a definite summer's end and fall's beginning. Should my plans for teacherhood pan out, my life will always be this way. … Continue reading Weekend Pith: Cleaning Slates

For the Love of Old Things

Have you ever recognized the insane number of little thoughts that flit through your head each day? The opinions you form, the emotions you feel, the jokes you tell yourself? Sometimes my mind is like a pinball machine, bouncing from subject to subject (or, more accurately, like a person walking through the living room in … Continue reading For the Love of Old Things

Weekend Pith: (Try to) Live and (Try to) Let Live

This week's life rule is sort of long, so I suppose it doesn't quite fit the "pith" bill: Your goals aren't always someone else's goals. Their goals aren't always yours. This is okay. This is the same principle as my "It's not a contest" rule, but apparently that pithy one-liner wasn't enough for me, so … Continue reading Weekend Pith: (Try to) Live and (Try to) Let Live

Reading Like a Kid

I remember reading a lot when I was younger. I gobbled up books one by one, reading whatever took my fancy. Most of them were children's classics, cozy tales with female protagonists. Little Women made me want to be a writer. The Secret Garden inspired me to sketch the plans for my own secret garden, complete with a … Continue reading Reading Like a Kid

Weekend Pith: You Schmooze, You Lose

One of my Life Rules is not so much a conscious rule I carefully crafted and then imposed upon my life, but something I've gradually realized to be a conviction, and as it seemed to serve me well, I've formally adopted it as a rule to life by. Don't Schmooze. Now I realize that the word … Continue reading Weekend Pith: You Schmooze, You Lose

Weekend Pith: Namaste to You

Yoga is my hobby. I've made this one of my life rules, because quite frankly I need it to be true. I'm not a particularly sporty person, but I've always loved the idea of being one. However, by the time I had the freedom and resources to commit to something, I was literally out of … Continue reading Weekend Pith: Namaste to You

Weekend Pith: Don’t Forget to Dance

The Russian and I are going to a wedding this weekend. And not to brag or anything, but we're pretty good at wedding dancing. Wedding dancing requires that perfect combination of class and awkwardness, which we can easily achieve if we dress nicely and then proceed to act, well, as we normally do. Wedding dancing … Continue reading Weekend Pith: Don’t Forget to Dance