Hi, I’m Hannah.

I’m a writer from a little town in Pennsylvania. You wouldn’t know it, so I’ll just say I’m from Pittsburgh.

This blog is a place for me to explore some of my favorite things: life, art, words, and philosophy. I love to read, watch, and listen to all the various facets of art and culture and bring them all together somehow. If there’s a way to synthesize the Enneagram, Gilmore Girls, The Beatles, yoga, and theology, I’ll find it.

This blog has also served as a testament to my ongoing journey as a Christian kid, writer, wife, and human. I’ve chosen not to delete any of my old posts even after a few tweaks to the blog, because each post is a marker of where I was and who I was when I wrote it. It’s a process and a journey, like so much of who we are.

I’m married to Alex, my husband of four years and my partner of seven. I do a lot of my mulling with my best friend, Jenny (you can find our joint blog here.)

Thanks for visiting!




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