My name is Hannah. I’m a fiction writer, writing coach, and editor.

I’ve been a writer since I was a child, when my grandma let me use her little notebooks to write in. Since that time, I’ve worked on novel writing, short stories, essays, branding, tutoring, and editing. I can’t get enough of stories, whether they come from the real world, or only in our imaginations. I’m drawn to stories of place and time, and I love characters who take time to get to know.

Through my writing, I want to tell the stories we don’t always get to hear, the ones that get lost in the shuffle of time. Those daily narratives, dialogues, and details are what make life… life.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing, and I’m working on my Master of Fine Arts with an emphasis on fiction. My work has appeared in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine and Boundless. Some of my favorite writers are Flannery O’Connor, Sandra Cisneros, Sarah Bessey, and John Green.

While the literary world is my heart and lungs, I like using my creative writing and ultra-thorough editing skills in business, too.

I have been a freelance writer and editor for four years. I help new writers get their words on page; I assist small businesses with their internet presence; I tutor students in writing; and I partner with community organizations. I love the fact that my writing skills not only create worlds, but solve problems in the real world, too.

We can’t forget the fun facts:

I’m a western PA girl of Yinzer descent. I’m a classic old soul who loves lace, flowers, and antiques. I dabble in floral design and fiber arts. I’m a serial Googler and a catalog of occasionally useful information. I name my plants because I don’t have kids yet. I’m married to Alex, my husband of four years. I have curly hair, and I’m left-handed, and those two things get me more comments than I really think is necessary.

Most of all, I’m someone who takes pride in a job well done, a story well told. I value beauty, creativity, respect, and teamwork.

I believe we should always keep thinking, imagining, and writing. Stories, dreams, and friendship give us the hope we need to work for healing in the world.