On Ukuleles

I’m not always good at asking for gifts. Someone says, “What do you want for Christmas?” and I’m like, “Um… stuff and things, please.”

But this past holiday season I planned ahead. I gave little lists to the various people who wanted them, and one of the presents I asked for was a thing I’d had tucked in my mind for a long time:

a ukulele.

I don’t know what drew me to the ukulele in particular. Maybe it’s because they’re small and only have four strings, although I did used to play the violin, which fits all those requirements. But a violin is much more labor-intensive; I appreciate the compact little ukulele, which you can pick up and strum with cheerful determination.

Sure enough, on Christmas morning an oddly-shaped package was labeled to me. It was my very own gorgeous little ukulele. I was so excited I spent three hours learning chords.

While I’m still rusty—though I do fancy myself a quick learner—the ukulele has already brought a lot of joy to me. There’s something about being able to sit down and make music, with no need to talk, no need to think really, and to be creative simply by showing up and letting your mind spill out into sound.

Sometimes as a writer, I want to be able to write without using any words, letting the repetition and flow of my mind create something without effort. But of course, this is the antithesis of writing. One must naturally exert effort, in order for the words to make any sense.

Playing the ukulele is my writing without words; my creativity finds a voice even when my words are knotted, and I can create something beautiful even when my mind is numb.

8 Replies to “On Ukuleles”

  1. Good luck with the uke – I play one now (& also used to do violin at school) – the uke is far more fun! If you can find a local group to join it’ll help you greatly. Have a quick look at our website (details in my signature block) for useful freebie links & resources, especially good for beginners. Happy strumming!

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  2. Hurrah for a ukulele entering your life! Don’t be surprised if — over time — even more ukuleles enter your life. I started 8 years ago with a blue one I bought for $35. Now I have five… Ukuleles ARE lovely, cheerful instruments — and very fun to play in groups as well as alone. I hope your ukulele brings you much satisfaction!

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  3. I also have this deep admiration towards ukulele. ✨ Hannah, it seems like we have so many things in common. Hit me up, if you’re free and lets talk about the things were passionate about coz I would really
    Love to ✨

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