Weekend Pith: Be a Snail

Last weekend I shared some of my “life rules,” little one-line proverb-esque concepts I’ve found to be helpful. One of them, which I use to keep myself from comparing to others, is:

It’s not a contest.

Another one that struck me this week is this:

It’s okay to take a while.

So far this summer I’ve been trying to cultivate new habits. Eating better. Doing yoga more regularly. Praying more. Eating better. Being kinder. Writing. Being more flexible. Eating better.

And it’s frustrating when you’re trying to change yourself—or more accurately, tweak yourself—and it takes a while. You don’t always see results right away. You take a few steps forward and then a few back, and the net progress ends up only being a millimeter or two.

But I realized this week that it’s okay for things to take a while. If I want the improvements I make in myself to be long-term, permanent ones, it follows that those improvements will take time to cement into place. And I’m willing to make that trade, because it’ll be worth it.

For now, my job is to enjoy life in the meantime: to enjoy where I am, and to enjoy where I’m going.

Even if the process is slow af.

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