New Name, Same Face

Happy Friday! Is anyone else utterly done with this week? We’re only two weeks into the semester and I have zero motivation. Okay, perhaps five. Five motivations.


This week has had it’s highs, though. I cleaned out my closet and drawers, which though it might not sound fun to you, was incredibly exciting to me. 

I found this revolutionary new way to purge: Instead of going through trying to figure out what will get nixed, agonizing over each item and remembering who got it for me (and then keeping a lot of unneccesary items out of guilt), I tried a new mindset. I acted like everything I owned was at a store, unattached to any person or memory. I simply picked what I would buy. 

It made it more fun, because I love shopping and I love pretending I have money, and it helped me act decisively, picking what I really wanted and detaching sentimental feelings from the items I didn’t want.

Now my drawer is a file cabinet of blue, gray, black, and stripes. It makes me so happy. Everything matches. And I have a huge Target bag full of clothes to donate to people who will wear them, clothes that were loved while I had them, but have served their purpose and can move on to another. Minimalism for the win.

There’s another (slightly less dorky) change this week. The name of this blog has changed! I started Pins and Needles when I wanted to get into blogging but was unsure what my niche would be. I chose a sewing theme because at the time I was trying to grow a sewing business. That didn’t really materialize, but I did learn more about blogging as a writer and decided to develop my freelancing skills. I also got really obsessed with knitting. Hm.

So the Pins have become the Pens to reflect a focus on writing, and the Needles remain because I will never escape the joy of woolen stitches on a stick of bamboo. 

Have a great weekend. Purge your closets. :) 

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