The First Blog Post in a Month! (and what’s been going on since then)

Hello anyone who hasn’t forgotten about this blog!

It’s nearing the end of July (!) and my lofty ambitions of blogging throughout the summer pretty much died as soon as summer break actually got here. Of course, the whole process of getting married really takes up time and energy, so I can allow myself a little slack. But these past few days I’ve been challenged to get back in the writing saddle again. So here I am. Take a look at life this summer:

us married Waves 2


IMG_6751 IMG_6725 IMG_6729

IMG_6712 FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2) IMG_6776 FullSizeRender (3) IMG_6801 IMG_6819 IMG_6831

I haven’t been completely dormant as far as writing goes – I now have a blogging job, so I guess that’s an accomplishment :) I write over at Honest Aromas, the blog for a new aromatherapy company started by my one and only mother, who received her aromatherapist’s certification this May. She is one of very few certified aromatherapists in the Western PA area, so the new business is very exciting. I serve as her blogger/social media/public relations/pretty much everything else gal, and so far that’s been fun!

We are also preparing to move down closer to school. We found the perfect little house three blocks from campus, where we plan to stay for the next few years as we finish up our degrees. We move in a month, which will most likely be a stressful and exciting experience (which is pretty much this year in a nutshell!).

Stay tuned as I plan to write more here, as I should be. :) And bear with me as I try to keep all the plates spinning.

Thanks for reading folks! Hope your summer has been smashing!

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