Our Book is Published, and So Am I

After much waiting and excitement, I have an announcement to make:

Our book is published!!


The Bestiary of People We Know and Love and Hate is officially published and available to buy through Amazon!! This book is really neat, guys. Our class got together and wrote this collection of short stories about people from all walks of life, young, middle-aged, and old. It’s an interesting, entertaining, diverse, and quick read. Check it out on Amazon here!

I also have some other good news:

I am going to be published!!!!

Not quite on this scale, but I do have a flash fiction story appearing in a literary magazine at the beginning of May. This is the first time this has really happened to me, and I am so excited. As a writer, I just do the best I can and hope someone thinks it’s cool. To have my work in a book (ON AMAZON) and in a literary magazine is enormously encouraging. I feel so much more competent, like I can keep expanding up and out without fear. Only a year ago I was nowhere near to being published. I was intimidated by my own desires. But I’ve worked hard, and now things are starting to change bit by bit.

And bit by bit is fine with me; I don’t think I could handle anything else.

So have a great day folks! Support writing students by checking out our book. :o) We’ve worked hard to bring this to you, and we hope you enjoy the read as much as we enjoyed the write. ^_^

The Bestiary of People We Know and Love and Hate

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