Every night we prepare to be unconscious.
We dress in special clothes
and shut ourselves in special rooms
to lounge on pieces of furniture
heaped with soft things
to make being unconscious comfortable.
We read our children stories so they become unconscious
and get upset when they won’t.
When we can’t become unconscious,
or stay that way,
we are concerned and visit the doctor,
who is concerned too.
We buy devices to wake us from unconsciousness
and decide upon a time for it to be done.
When morning comes, we are forced from unconsciousness,
and we groan
because we enjoyed it so much.

Published by Hannah Kennedy

Hannah is an old lady at heart, with a deep love of yarn and floral patterns. She has curly hair, she is a lefty, she googles everything, and her favorite color is blue. She can usually be found reading everything from nineteenth-century fiction to modern psychology, doing yoga, dragging out chores to fit the podcast she's listening to, or watching The Office with her husband.

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