Springy Saturday

It’s cold, but the sun’s shining and the birds are singing like crazy!

Today we had a tea party for our dorm and sister dorm. We dressed in colorful dresses very impractical for the weather, brought along our cups and mugs, and had a lovely little party.

Later we drove downtown to the thrift store, and I found a flowery scarf from Italy. Score!

I also had the most delicious ice cream with Oreos, chocolate, raspberry, and cheesecake in it. It was pretty grand.

Last week we got the feedback on our drafts for the Bestiary. I’ve been working on the final polishing for “Yellow Faces, Copper Brew.” My new version of the plot went over very well, and I just have some minor tidying up to do.

Addie laughed. “You get to be a coffee snob when you hang around here.”

It’s so wonderful when you’ve worked hard on something and the hard work shows, when people like it and it resonates with them. I am so encouraged and excited. Our final drafts are due this week, and just in time, because the book goes to press on April 8th! That’s under two weeks!

Stay posted for more book news and let me know what you think. Does it pique your interest?

Well, I’m off to dinner. I’ve eaten nothing but tea sandwiches, scones, and ice cream all day. Oh, and some coconut oil.

That’s my Saturday. What have you been up to?

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