More Book Teasers! And a Roundup!

Hello everyone!

It’s the last day of February! Isn’t that crazy? I am actually pretty excited. I know you shouldn’t wish away the year, but I’m at least wishing away February. So far it’s been pretty… meh. Weather wise, mostly.

This week we submitted our drafts for the upcoming book to our editor (read: professor). With the way I revamped my story, I’m really excited to see what he thinks. I’ve had some good feedback from our peer workshopping, and I’ve gotten to read some really great drafts myself! This book is going to be so cool, guys. It’s like an encyclopedia of memories and stories. With the approximately 27 contributors to this book, it will cover a huge range of viewpoints, themes, and ideas – a huge collection of stories about people from all walks of life. Are you excited yet?

If not – or if you like to be over the top excited – here’s a snippet of my draft. I hope that these quotes the past few weeks have been interesting. I want to give you a taste without spoiling your appetite (nice metaphor, eh?).

     “I was thinking about that guest book we have here.” He pointed to the notebook at the coffee bar where visitors often left messages and little doodles. Some of them were from local patrons but others were from out of towners who had somehow found the small-town coffee shop and made their mark on it.

“Wouldn’t it be something,” said Frank, “to write about that book? About all the people that come in and out of the coffee shop every day? I think that would be something. Now, if you write a book like that, let me know and I’ll be your proofreader. I’ve certainly got lots of experience.”


What do you think? Do you want to keep reading? In just a few short weeks, my friends, that will be a reality! Our publishing date is getting close – April 15 is the day!

Whoo, I got myself a little wound up. As this is the last weekend of the month (indeed, the last day of the month), let me not forget to post a roundup of all the top posts for February! Somehow I was able to push through the winter blues and write some stuff people liked. Huh!

In How to Survive Winter (in Eleven Easy Steps), I offer an easy do-it-yourself guide for getting through the winter months. March is here, true, but you may still need this one for a few weeks yet. Don’t go it alone!

In Heart Day, I shared my crocheted heart valentines and another snippet from the upcoming book. Need to get a start on next year’s valentines (or need to whip up some belated ones)? Check it out!

Finally, I shared the joy of being stupid. Wonderfully Stupid offers food for thought on how we view God, the world, and ourselves. I hope it’s helpful and insightful for you!

Well, have a great weekend folks! Enjoy the last of February 2015. And be sure to let me know your thoughts on today’s post! Does the idea of our book sound interesting? What do you think of my excerpts? And what are your thoughts on the top posts this month? Any favorites, even of posts that didn’t make the “top posts” list? Oh, and if you are celebrating the end of February (as I am), let me know. I think a cake and balloons are appropriate :).

Stay frosty!

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