Curiosities: Champagne Corks


Mushrooms, wooden mushrooms.

The first came from a bottle of Cook’s champagne,

respectable, green with a filigreed label.

We opened it on New Year’s eve to celebrate as the ball dropped.

The bitter smell stung our noses

and it had taste in the back of your throat that makes you want to hack

up all the fluid in your lungs.

The second came from another bottle

which looked cheap, but better than nothing.

We opened it to make up for the disappointing start to the new year.

The taste was sweet and fruity,

mellow all the way down, with a tiny bite which was the alcohol

making an appearance.

(In retrospect, they are cork mushrooms.)

Published by Hannah Kennedy

Hannah is an old lady at heart, with a deep love of yarn and floral patterns. She has curly hair, she is a lefty, she googles everything, and her favorite color is blue. She can usually be found reading everything from nineteenth-century fiction to modern psychology, doing yoga, dragging out chores to fit the podcast she's listening to, or watching The Office with her husband.

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