Curiosities: Ink Bottle

In class we’ve talked about a “cabinet of curiosities” – a collection of interesting artifacts that shows who a person is by the stuff that they have. In a writing sense, your cabinet is your mind and all the thoughts, ideas, and stories you’ve collected. I have a few “curiosities” in real life too, or at least things I think are unusual and very telling of my personality. So from time to time I’d like to offer little poemlets, little snatches of my “cabinet”. I got the idea from one of my classmates, and I think it’s quite fun. Enjoy!


Ink Bottle

There’s a glass bottle on my desk, only three inches tall, and filled with black ink.

Schwarze Kalligraphie Tinte, the label says.

I bought the bottle at Wartburg Castle near Eisenach.

It came with a black-handled dip pen and three delightful metal nibs.

It was a bright day with a January chill,

and I was overjoyed to see the different colors of Kalligraphie Tinte

in the glass box of the gift shop.

The first time I wrote with the pen my left pinky got soaked with ink,

as often happens to a lefty.

The bottle has a cork stamped with a black seal. It all looks very official.

The bottle is half empty, and if I want to keep writing I’ll need to buy more ink.

But it will never be Schwarze Kalligraphie Tinte, and that’s a shame.

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