Militant, Despondent, Primal


It’s hard not to be militant.

We are ever in the throes of crisis control,

because there are so many threats.

Our energy is thrown into the fight;

we wake up in the morning,

brush our teeth and put on our metal helmets,

and spend the entire day in the trenches,

without rest, and without any new strategy.

And then some of the ranks climb out of the trenches

and join the enemy, and it grows.

But we keep plugging away,

being militant,

in the throes of crisis control.


It’s hard not to be despondent;

there is so much evil in the world.

If you’ve ever watched Snow White

you remember the scene

where she flees into the forest and is tormented

by the demons and ghouls and fears

which catch her in a whirlpool of screams.

Life feels like that sometimes;

there is always something

out of the corner of your eye,

always something behind your shoulder,

something to make you despondent.

So much is evil in the world.


But I submit a way

That’s far less primal.

What if instead of always fighting the evil,

we choose to celebrate the good?

What if we learn to become

all that is pure, lovely, and noble,

instead of struggling not to be

corrupt, ugly and dishonest?

What if we decide

to act in enduring love

instead of merely curbing the insidious hate?

I submit this way,

because we are too precious to be primal.


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