How to Survive Winter (in Eleven Easy Steps)

Ah, winter. It is the season of cozy, and I love cozy, but I hate how for some reason people still expect me to go out and do things. No! Let me stay home and be cozy, gosh darnit! Unfortunately, I am overruled. Life must unreasonably go on.

For those of you who might be suffering from winter blues (or the sheer deficiency of coziness), I offer eleven easy ways to survive the winter season. You can do it!


rosie parka



Wear (fake or real) Fur. 


Somehow it’s just really wintry. No matter how cold it is, with my fur-trimmed coat and boots, I look like a rugged tundra dweller (which the weather apparently thinks I am). And the coolness of it takes your mind off of the reason for it.


Drink Coffee or Tea (or cocoa, if you must). 


Some people choose – ahem – other drinks to drown their troubles, but honestly these beverages are what life is made of. A steaming cup of coffee or tea will vanquish any winter blues.


Build a Snowman. Knock it Down. Repeat. 


Build it first because, it’s winter and that’s fun. Knock it down because, it’s winter and you have to take your anger out on something. Build it again because, poor snowman. What did he ever do to you?


Take up Knitting.


I always have to push for this. But seriously, what’s cozier than a big ball of yarn and two sturdy needles and being productive while you’re watching TV? nothing. And that brings me to my next point:


Become Good Friends with Sir Netflix, Lord Book, and Count Music.


They are jovial fellows who offer hours of amusement. Lord Book is slightly more intellectual, but from time to time even Sir Netflix can come up with some doozies. Count Music is more unassuming; he prefers to stay in the background but can be persuaded to be the life of the party, given the right circumstances.


Take Pictures. 


Honestly, it’s beautiful outside. Revel in it. Look for beauty where before you were tempted to only see icy torture. It’s there. I promise.


Stand Alone in the Woods While it’s Snowing.


This is specific, but it’s a must on your bucket list. Stand still, hold your breath, and listen to the snow fall. It’s the most beautiful experience in the world. BONUS: You’ll feel like you’re in Narnia.




Be careful with this one. It has a tendency to bite back at you in the end (see what I did there?). But there’s nothing more lovely than toast and a good thick soup on a winter’s day. Yum yum yum.


Choose Warmth Over Style. 



And if you can, choose both. Fabulous.




Hugs and Snuggles are the best thing ever, especially in winter. Find a pet, a pillow, or a person (preferably one you know  — very well) and stay close.


Chin Up!

Remember the words of Mr. Shelley:


And above all, stay frosty my friends!

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