Crafter(ish)day: Book News

Happy Saturday folks! Are you as glad that it’s finally the weekend as I am? I seem to say something like this nearly every weekend, but this time I mean it. I really do. I had a harrowingly busy week in which, just as I got a little break, the clock seemed to jump half an hour and up I was again! Whew.

Remember the exciting news I shared with you? About the book I (and my brilliant colleagues) will be publishing this semester? Well in the weeks to come I will be sharing our progress on Saturdays, toward the end of the week when our week’s work is done. (Don’t worry though; if you were super attached to those craft posts, I’ll try to fit them in here and there. :o)

So here’s this week’s news: The book is called The Bestiary of People We Know and Love and Hate. Rather hefty title, eh? What does it mean, you ask? What the heck is a bestiary? According to Merriam Webster online it is

2.b.  an array of real humans or literary characters often having symbolic significance


3. an unusual or whimsical collection

In short, our book will be a collection of writings on – you guessed it – people we know and love and hate. This week we submitted our work and will continue to be polishing, editing, and perfecting. Stay posted! Come April we will have the book available for print on demand! Such excitement!! :o)

Can’t wait until then? Interest piqued? Check out our Facebook page and remember to check in here for my updates!

I have some really exciting stuff planned as far as posts go this week. Stay tuned and have a happy Saturday everyone!

{stay frosty my friends}

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