Crafterday: Knitted Change Purses

Happy Saturday!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Crafterday post! But rest assured; with the arrival of my new Etsy Store I have been busy with my myriad knitting needles!

Today I wanted to share my latest project: knitted change purses.

IMG_5360 IMG_5361 IMG_5364

These purses are so fun. I had some of the green wool yarn left over from my soap sock project (also available on Etsy), and so I used a seed stitch to create these cute, textured purses that are perfect for carrying cash and cards on a quick jaunt or even as a wallet in its own right. I used some beautiful glass vintage buttons I had on hand to fasten the purses shut. It was a quick and easy project, perfect for some leftover yarn.

The best part? They’re for sale! Only 10 bucks each, available on Etsy. They are super cute and make awesome gifts, and there are only two of them, so snap ’em up before someone else does!

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm if you are somewhere that, like here, seems determined to keep you frozen.

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