Crafterday: Mini Knitted Christmas Trees

Hello folks! Finals are done and now I can turn my attention to Christmas, Crafting, and Creating new blog posts! :o)

Today’s lovely little craft came to me courtesy of The Twisted Yarn. This delightful blog has been a constant source of whimsical inspiration for me! So, when I saw her post on Knitted Christmas Trees, I just knew I had to give it a whirl!


My opportunity came yesterday when I surveyed some light leafy green yarn I had and thought “hm, this would make an interesting Christmas tree!” I didn’t have much left, so I made them small (only 3 inches long) and ended up cranking out six in a day!

Each tree took about half an hour for me. It’s so easy! You simply knit a square, roll into a cone shape, add some stuffing, and sew it up! I added little red ornaments by tying loose knots in some red yarn and threading it through the tree. I love the end result!



Interested in making your own? The possibilities are endless and they make wonderful gifts and decorations. Head over to The Twisted Yarn!

Happy weekend! :o)

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