Poemlet Tuesday: Texture

Happy Tuesday folks! I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend, for those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving and… those myriad shopping days. I had a lovely six days at home, and now I am back at school and back to the daily grind! Today begins the week in full swing with an eight o’ clock class and finished up by one that ends at five! With all the stuff stuffed in between, it promises to be a formidable initiation back into the life of a college student! So while I run around like a headless chicken, enjoy today’s poemlet:




Fibers are twisted

into a plait, and dyed

so that we want to taste

them. The plait is wound

and sits fuzzy in a basket.

It will be a scarf

that will blow in the

wind and cause lovers

to collide, or a

blanket to calm

the pains of infancy.

Or socks will keep the children

warm, and life will depend

on that fuzzy ball of fibers.


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