Square Pegs

Hello everyone!

Today I have a rather raw poem to share with you. It came from a very personal place where I experience a lot of anger, sadness, and frustration.

There is this kid I know and really care about who is on the autistic spectrum. He’s the most darling, sweet, and hilarious little guy you ever met. Of course, he can be very hard to live with sometimes. He has the ability to create a lot of frustration. However, this frustration is magnified by other people’s inability and unwillingness to understand him and the situation he is in. I don’t want to be too vindictive of the general public, because I know we all have a long way to go in accepting and understanding people who are “different” than us for whatever reason.

But I also know that we could do much better. Autism, its varieties, and a range of other disabilities – not to mention the entire spectrum of mental illness (another point for another time) – are documented medical conditions, and yet we as a society are very judgmental of those who deal with these things and the people who care for them. They are square pegs who do not fit into our round holes, and so we ostracize them by designating them as “special” or “bad” or “difficult”. And yes, maybe sometimes these monikers are true. This kid I know is very special, he can sometimes be really bad, and he is often difficult. But ultimately, he is a blessing. He causes me, and anyone who will learn from him, to feel, to see, and to taste the world and the people in it in ways I never would have thought to otherwise.

So the point of this poem, I suppose, is not to be so quick to judge. We really have no right to label our fellow human beings or to put them in boxes that make us feel more comfortable. To do so is grossly arrogant and, indeed, blasphemous. God made us all in His image, in His likeness, and we have no right to deem one image as more acceptable than another.

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God” (1 John 4:7).

Thanks for reading! Enjoy.

Square Pegs


Does this, someone belong here?

Can we, trust him to know the rules?

He strange, different than most here,

Don’t care, as long as he turns out cool.


Does this, someone belong here?

Can we, trust her to get it right?

We all, walk a tight rope here,

Walk straight, before you get tossed aside.


This world is so complicated,

Square pegs don’t fit in round holes,

So let them fall through the cracks

(and maybe in the end)

We’ll meet our goals.


Long days, shut in from the outside,

Long nights, making up all the work,

Deadlines, fear and frustration.

Bruised hearts, taking their share of hurt.


I think, they don’t belong here,

In this, world of twisted pain.

Vain pride, my way or the highway,

Can’t see, who we hurt on the way.


This world is so convoluted,

We cling so fast to precious goals,

Don’t let them fall through the cracks

(and I know in the end)

We’ll be whole.


2 Replies to “Square Pegs”

    1. Thanks Christine! I agree; sometimes it is so hard for us to really understand a person’s situation and difficulties, but we miss so much when we don’t and we gain so much when we try!


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