The Ring

Happy Tuesday Folks!

Tomorrow I will be reading my creative work for the first time in public! Yipes! If you think of me, say a quick prayer. I am excited and terrified. That should really be a word, you know? Blend those two feelings together. Exiterrified.

In my poetry class we’ve been taking a lot of classic poems by well-known poets and using their styles to come up with something new. We’ve done several of these “parodies”, from writers as varied as Edgar Allen Poe to Taylor Swift (that was interesting!). These exercises are very helpful because we learn to take the tools that great writers used and use them ourselves to make something that is all us. It’s tons of fun!

Last week we studied “The Red Wheelbarrow” by William Carlos Williams. It’s a really charming little poem, very small and intimate. I’d encourage you to look it up if you haven’t heard of it. This poem I have today is my “parody” of it. I call it “The Ring”. (Not to be confused with THE Ring :o)

The Ring


so much life



a gold jeweled



dropped in flowing



lost to dusty



Thanks for reading! Have a great week


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