Weekly Reflection: Opportunities


This week was very busy. And it was the strange kind of busy where you have a lot of little breaks before you have to gather up your things and hurry on.

There was a lot of stress from schoolwork. There was also a lot of stress about this coming Wednesday, when I will be presenting some of my poems in public for the first time. I’m a bit terrified. I’m excited of course, but there’s this nagging bit of fear that I’m not good enough.

There was also stress from plans with a good friend that I had to postpone. Certain circumstances made it an understandable thing, but for some reason I was so upset. Everyone always seems so busy, that cramming in a little sliver of time to enjoy the company of one’s friends sometime seems too much to ask of a schedule. It’s no one’s fault but it still stinks, you know?

I guess if I could learn something from this it would be that everything in life, every moment, is an opportunity. Even when those opportunities crash and burn (like my plans), they create a new set of opportunities, a new set of choices on how to deal with where you are in life. No matter what happens to us we have the opportunity to act with dignity and love and to glorify God however we can. We can really mess that up (I did!), but we never run out of opportunities. And for that I am thankful.

For the weekend I am also thankful. Yesterday was a long blank day of nothing to do. I was cold and rainy and yucky but still kind of weirdly peaceful. And I am so thankful that weekends aren’t only one day! Praise the Lord for Sundays :o)

Have a great week everyone! Make the most of every opportunity this week!


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