Hello everyone!

I hope your week is well. It’s Tuesday! Which means it’s almost Wednesday, which is Hump Day! So you’re close to the weekend :o) If you happen to have a moment, say a prayer for me today, because Tuesdays are my craziest. Class, work, class, lunch, work, and class. I’m a little nervous. Thanks!



I wanted to offer a little poem that I wrote last week. It came about when I happened to see an ad exclaiming that “the world’s gone crazy!” and urging Christians to step up and make a difference.

First of all, let me say that I agree Christians should be an influence in the world. Believers in the West are frankly lazy when it comes to being an influence. I speak as a Christian from the West, so I speak to myself as well. Gosh, someone gives us a funny look and our hypersensitive pride equates it with persecution! People, this is not persecution. Look to the Middle East, Africa, North Korea. You’ll find persecution there.

Anyway, I digress. Obviously we are called to be an influence in the world. I don’t deny that. But what amuses me is the phrase “the world’s gone crazy”. It certainly feels like that, doesn’t it? It’s easy for us to look back to the good old days when we didn’t hear about so much bloodshed pain, and suffering on a weekly, daily, hourly basis.

But here’s the thing: bloodshed, pain, and suffering are not new. Since the Fall, people have always been killing each other, creation has always been groaning, and there have always been diseases and famines and strife. The world has not gone crazy; it’s always been crazy.

So I think that the goal should not be to cure the world’s insanity, because the world is riddled with it. It’s a disease that affects every fiber. But our goal should be to affect individuals, to bring person after person into the kingdom of Christ, which is beautifully, perfectly sane. In this way we can have our impact.

So here is the poem that pretty much says what I just did. I am so long-winded :o)





“The world’s gone mad,” they say,

wagging their heads,

pounding their fists,

blessing their hearts.


“The world’s gone mad”, they say,

waving their hands,

beating their chests,

flying their flags.


“The world was mad,” it says,

crushing its weak,

telling its lies,

dying its deaths.


“The world is mad,” it says,

fighting its wars,

killing its young,

burning its earth.


“The world’s been mad,” it says,

courting its wrongs,

building its keeps,

smithing its gold.


“The world’s gone mad!” they say —

but why are they surprised?

It was mad.

It is mad.

It’s been mad.

Old news.

Let us know when it’s gone sane.

Thanks for reading! Have a great week!


(Poetry and Photography by Hannah Allman)

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