Nifty and Crafty: Feather Wall Art

Happy Saturday Folks!

This is the start of a weekly series of craft posts, which I am planning to do every Saturday. I was going to call it something clever like “Crafterday” (get it?), but figured that was a bit corny. If, however, you happen to like that moniker, please let me know! :o)

As you may have guessed, I am currently attending college and right now I am living in the cute little dorm room with my roommate, who also happens to be a dear friend. We’ve done a bit of decorating, but not nearly to the extent of some of our peers. So, in an attempt to pretty-fy my little corner of the world, I put together this wall art project.

(Please excuse the bad picture quality; I am a poor and harried college student.)




This project was so fun and incredibly easy, and also absolutely free! Which is what I like to hear :o)




The steps are simple: I got about twenty paint sample chips from Wal-Mart and cut little feather shapes out of them. I felt a little guilty taking all those samples out of the store, but hey! they’re free.




I got colors that match my belongings, which mean a lot of blue. It’s my favorite color and I seem to get just about everything in it; bedspreads, lamps, storage boxes, books, feathers…





The feather shape is nice and easy to work with because it’s very foolproof. You pretty much fold your paper in half, cut out a leafy/feathery shape, and then make little cuts for the bristles (technically, barbs. But you know what I meant.) Then ruffle up the feather a little and you’re done!




I also cut a few feathers from this delightful old-timey newspaper-like paper that packaged a dress I once bought online. I like how it gives a vintage feel.

After I cut out the feathers, I planned out my arrangement. I decided to do a tonal pattern, from darkest blue to lightest blue, with shades of green in between. I attached the feathers to the wall using sticky-tack because we can’t use tape.




So, if you are wishing for an easy, pretty, and best of all free project, give this one a try! It adds so much to my corner of the room. I absolutely love it, and I get lots of nice comments from my floormates, as well :o)

Happy Saturday folks!


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