Right now I am setting up this sewing-themed blog while I am procrastinating from actually sewing. How sad is that?

The title of this blog kind of sums me up. I always have pins and needles on the brain (well, not literally).

Figuratively, I am always dreaming up sewing or knitting projects. However, I never find the time to actually complete them.

Today I am going to sew a gift for a friend. I see her tomorrow.

I also need to repair a dress. I wanted to wear it this weekend.

And I am in the middle of altering a blouse. I probably will never wear that blouse again.

Now I’m depressed. And you know what? That’s kind of stupid. Because life is to short to be on pins and needles (see what I did there?). Life is to short to feel depressed over what needs accomplished. Life is so short, that we need to just get up and get things accomplished. Some things will, some things won’t, but at least we can say we tried.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sew.


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